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Meriam DPC Manager Utility for HART® Communicators

Meriam's DPC Manager utility is used to update MFC 4100 and MFC 4150 HART® communicators and MFT 4000 series calibrator/communicators to the latest operating firmware and DOF files for HART® communication. 

Version 4.0 includes new automation features and user preferences for easy updates and memory management. This utility is included free with each communicator purchase.

Key Specifications

  • Click [Check Internet for Updates] to register the connected handheld and checks download subscription status. All available firmware and DOF files (when applicable) are retrieved from the download site via the Internet.
  • Click [Update Handheld] button to automatically populate Tree View of HART® DOFs on the connected handheld.
  • Check handheld memory to provide guidance for updating new and revised DOFs or re-installing all selected DOFs.
  • Estimates and displays the time required to update the connected handheld
  • Use Tree View of HART® devices to manage handheld memory: Checkbox controls lets you show only the manufacturers or devices you need. Save your custom list of needed HART® manufacturers and devices as a “Profile” for future updating sessions. Recall saved Profiles for use with any of your handhelds.
  • Updating handhelds from a Profile enables v 4.0 to automatically add new or revised device DOFs for your manufacturers as they become available
  • Update new device profiles and firmware from Meriam's website (subscription key required)
  • See the list of 420 (and growing) currently compatible HART® devices

Supporting Documentation
Click the file icon to view the file online, or right-click on the file icon and select "Save Target As..." to download the file to disk for later viewing.

Type Description Size
Meriam Setup File Meriam DPC Manager Utility v4.0 Installer 18.6MB
Meriam PDF Meriam DPC Manager Utility v4.0 Quick Start Guide 118KB

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