Honeywell Process Instrument Explorer (PIE) Configuration Software

Honeywell’s Process Instrument Explorer (PIE) software enables users to configure their UDC controllers directly from a PC. Increase process efficiency with remote access to process conditions such as current operating parameters, digital inputs, alarm status and internal or analog input problems instantly.

The software supports communication over an infrared, RS-485, or Ethernet port, giving the user access to the same set-up and maintenance information available through the instrument’s interface. It also allows users to upload and download an instrument’s configuration and save it to their PC for review, modification, or archiving. You can also program the controller to send an email when an alarm is triggered.

Key Specifications

  • For use with Honeywell universal digital controllers for superior process control
  • Proactive maintenance planning, troubleshooting, or recording of configuration information for future use
  • Non-intrusive wireless connection maintaining NEMA4X/IP66 integrity of UDC
  • IR communication standard; RS-485 and Ethernet types optional
  • Multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, German and French

Supporting Documentation
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    • Honeywell PIE Software Specification Datasheet
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    • Honeywell PIE Configuration Software Specification Datasheet
    • Honeywell PIE Configuration Software Application Notes
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    • Honeywell PIE Configuration Software Application Notes