Lesman Product and Technology Video Library

Available videos from Lesman and our partners, in order by product manufacturer and topic. You'll need Adobe Flash Player installed to view these files.

Honeywell Industrial Wireless
Introduction: Honeywell OneWireless can do that!
Part 1: How is industrial wireless being used
Part 2: Comparing features of Honeywell XYR5000 and XYR6000 field transmitters
Part 3: Introduction to HART wireless
Part 4: Wireless bandwidth and planning
Part 5: Summary of Honeywell industrial wireless systems
Honeywell X-Series Paperless Recorders
Part 1: Intro to X-Series paperless recorders
Part 2: Understanding basic X-Series recorder trend screens
Part 3: Viewing and understanding X-Series recorder alarms
Part 4: Basic navigation and usage of X-Series recorders
Meriam Technology HART® Handheld Communications
Introduction to Meriam MFC4150 HART handheld communicator
Minebea Intec
Demonstration of Minebea Intec load cells on a high-speed mixer
Siemens Industry Inc Continuous Level Monitoring
MultiRanger 100 ultrasonic transceiver basic level measurement
MultiRanger 100 ultrasonic transceiver master reset function
MultiRanger 100 ultrasonic transceiver for pump control
MultiRanger 200 ultrasonic transceiver for open channel flow monitoring
Siemens Industry Inc Point Level Monitoring
Proving Siemens CLS capacitance probes are unaffected by material buildup on the sensor
Siemens Industry Inc Valve Control
Overview of the Siemens SIPART PS2
West Controls
On/Off Control vs Proportional Control: Understanding the Differences