Lesman 2013 Valve Catalog 5.5MB Acrobat file

Download your free copy of Lesman's process valve catalog

The Lesman process valve catalog is available now! It's 48 pages of:

  • Control valves from Jordan Valve, Marwin Valve, and LowFlow
  • Process regulators from Jordan Valve and LowFlow
  • Aseptic and sanitary process valves from Steriflow and SED
  • Ball valves from Marwin Valve and A-T Controls
  • Manifolds and instrument valves from Hex Valve
  • Safety Shutoff Valves from Maxon (a Honeywell Company)
  • Solenoid Valves from ASCO Valve Co
  • Steam Traps from Bestobell Steam

Don't let a shutdown ruin your day! Most standard configurations shown can be ready for delivery to you within one business week!

Lesman is proud to be your source for Richards Industries brands

Effective September 10, 2012, Richards Industries has named Lesman its exclusive factory representative for Jordan Valve, Low Flow, Steriflow, Hex Valve, Marwin Valve, and Bestobell Steam products. Most of these high quality process valves and accessories can be ready to ship to you within a week.

Jordan Valves

Get the Jordan Valve condensed catalog. (371KB)

Control valves, pressure and temperature regulators, positioners.

LowFlow Valves

Get the LowFlow condensed catalog.(508KB)

Low flow control valves, high pressure regulators, and self-operated pressure regulators.

Steriflow Valves

Get the Steriflow condensed catalog. (598KB)

Control valves, regulators, ball valves,
and check valves.

Marwin Valves

Get the Marwin Valve condensed catalog. (377KB)

Manual and automated ball valves.

Hex Valves

Get the Hex Valve condensed catalog. (414KB)

Two-, three-, and four-way manifolds and
instrument valves.

Bestobell Steam

Get the Bestobell Steam condensed catalog. (215KB)

Industrial and clean steam traps.

Lesman's authorized territory for these products includes Northern and Central Illinois, Eastern Iowa, and Northwest Indiana. Feel free to call Lesman at 800-953-7626 for all your process valve needs, or send your requests to sales@lesman.com. We look forward to working with you.