PULS YR40.241 Dual Input Redundancy Module: 18-28VDC/40A

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MOSFET redundancy module for all PULS power supplies, for use in N+1 and 1+1 redundant systems. Dual 12-28V inputs, one 0-40A output with 160% (65A) peak load capabilities. Rugged metal housing. Screw terminal connections.

  • Used to build 1+1 or N+1 redundant systems
  • Two 12-28 V input channels connect to power supplies with up to 20A output current
  • One 40A output
  • Suitable for power supplies with constant current overload or any hiccup overload behavior
  • MOSFET for decoupling two input channels reduces the heat generation and voltage drop (72mV) between input and output
  • IP20 rugged metal enclosure with screw terminal connections for inputs and putout
  • DIN rail mounting

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