WIKA S-20 High Performance Industrial Pressure Transmitters

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Stainless steel case industrial pressure transmitters for critical industrial applications. Accuracy ±0.25% span. Ranges 30" HgVac to 200 PSI vacuum/compound, 0-500 PSIA, 0-20000 PSI. 4-20 mA two-wire output standard. 1/2" NPTM or 1/4" NPTM pressure connection connection. cULus safety approval.

See model selection chart below.

WIKA's heavy duty, all-stainless S-20 pressure transmitter is designed to withstand the harshest pressure and operating conditions, extreme temperatures, extreme shock and vibration, and aggressive media. It provides high performance plus safe, reliable operation in general industrial applications, demanding applications in research and development, or the aggressive media of the chemical industry.

The S-20 is available in vacuum, compound, and pressure ranges up to 20000 PSI, with up to five times overpressure.

  • Pressure ranges: 30" HgVac to 200 PSI vacuum/compound, 0-500 PSIA, 0-20000 PSI
  • 4-20 mA DC 2-wire output standard; Call for 3-wire voltage outputs
  • 0.25% span accuracy
  • 316L stainless steel wetted parts, 316 Ti case, 316L and BPT/PET electrical connectors
  • 24 VDC power
  • 1/4 or 1/2" NPTM pressure connections standard
  • Standard DIN or MiniDIN electrical connection standard; Call for IP67 cable outlet or M12 connector models
  • cULus safety approval

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Looking for a different range or process connection? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626.

Orders placed before 3PM central time for in stock models ship the same day.

Output4-20 mA 2-Wire Output4-20 mA 2-Wire
Pressure Connection1/2" NPTM1/4" NPTM Pressure Connection1/2" NPTM1/4" NPTM
Electrical ConnectionDIN ConnectorMiniDIN Connector  Electrical ConnectionDIN ConnectorMiniDIN Connector
Accuracy0.25% Non-linearity0.5% Non-linearity  Accuracy0.25% Non-linearity0.5% Non-linearity
RangeClick for Price and Availability  RangeClick for Price and Availability
0-15 PSIA5237550152376851 0-160 PSI 5237531552376583
0-25 PSIA5237552852376877 0-200 PSI5237532352376591
0-50 PSIA5237555252376885 0-250 PSI 5237533152376605
0-100 PSIA5237557952376907 0-300 PSI5237534052376613
0-250 PSIA5237556152376915 0-400 PSI5237535852376630
0-500 PSIA5237558752376923 0-500 PSI5237536652376648
30"-0 HgVac5237559552377199 0-600 PSI5237538252376656
30"-0-30 PSI5237560952377202 0-750 PSI5237537452376664
30"-0-60 PSI5237561752377211 0-1000 PSI5237539152376672
30"-0-100 PSI5237562552377229 0-1500 PSI5237540452376699
30"-0-160 PSI5237563352377237 0-2000 PSI5237541252376753
30"-0-200 PSI5237564152377245 0-3000 PSI5237542152376770
0-10 PSI5237646052377563 0-4000 PSI5237543952376796
0-15 PSI5237526952376508 0-5000 PSI5237545552376800
0-25 PSI5237527752376524 0-6000 PSI5237544752376818
0-30 PSI5237648652376541 0-7500 PSI5237546352376826
0-50 PSI5237528552376559 0-10000 PSI5237547152376834
0-60 PSI5237529352376567 0-15000 PSI5237548052376842
0-100 PSI5237430152374319 0-20000 PSI52375498N/A
0-150 PSI5237530752376575  
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Measuring Range 30" HgVac to 200 PSI vacuum/compound, 0-500 PSIA, 0-20000 PSI
Wetted Materials 316L stainless steel
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