Danaher Industrial Controls
(West Controls, CAL Controls, Partlow, and PMA)

CAL Controls offering of process and temperature controllers feature PID, auto-tune, heat-cool and single ramp soak as standard with RS232 and RS485 communications options. CAL programmable controllers feature ramp-soak profiles up to 126 segments, storing up to 31 programs in a single controller. CALogix, a multiloop system with customizable graphic HMI is a great entry point into hybrid control and process automation.

West Instruments was one of the first controller manufacturers to market microprocessor-based temperature controllers, and  was the first to incorporate true plug 'n play output boards on its Plus series DIN controllers, eliminating the use of link jumpers. The West ProVU4 features a real text display, Ethernet communications, and a built-in datalogger.

For more than 85 years, Partlow has supplied the Environmental, Water Quality, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, and Municipal market segments with recording and control devices ensuring quality, reliability, and accountability.

PMA is the market leader in controls for the plastic extrusion industry. Featuring a line of high-end DIN controllers and specialized automation products, PMA uses advanced tuning algorithms and programmable logic to produce system solutions for complex processes.

Circular Chart Recorders
Partlow MRC5000 10" Circular Chart Recorders
Partlow MRC7000 10" Circular Chart Recorders with Control
Partlow MRC8000 12" Circular Chart Recorders with Control and Setpoint Programming
Partlow MRC9000 VersaChart 12" Circular Chart Recorder and Multiloop Controller
Digital Indicators
WEST Controls Plus Series P6010 and P8010 Process Temperature Indicators
Limit Controllers
WEST Controls Plus Series P6700, P8700, and P4700 Limit Controllers
Single Loop PID Controllers
CAL Controls CAL3300 1/32 DIN Autotune Temperature Controller
CAL Controls CAL9300 1/16 DIN Autotune Temperature Controller
CAL Controls CAL9400 1/16 DIN Dual Display Autotune Temperature Controller
CAL Controls CAL9900 1/16 DIN Autotune Temperature Controller
CAL Controls MaxVU RAIL Temperature Controller/Transmitter and Limiter
PMA KS Vario Modular Controllers
PMA KS40-1, KS41-1, and KS42-1 Temperature and Process Controllers
PMA KS90-1 and KS92-1 Temperature and Process Controllers
PMA Rail Line KS45-1 DIN Rail Mount Temperature and Process Controller
WEST Controls Plus Series P6100, P8100, and P4100 Single Loop PID Controllers
WEST Controls Plus Series P6170, P8170, and P4170 Loop Valve Motor Drive Controllers
WEST Controls N6600 and N8600 Single Loop Controllers for Plastics Applications
Multiloop PID Controllers
CAL Controls CALogix DIN-Rail Mount Modular PID and Logic I/O Control System
WEST Controls MLC9000+ Multiloop DIN-Rail Mount Modular I/O Control System
Digital Controllers with Setpoint Programming Capabilities
CAL Controls CAL9500P 1/6 DIN Programmable Process Controller
PMA KS51-1 and KS52-1 Temperature and Process Controllers with Setpoint Programming
WEST Controls N4400 1/4 DIN and N6400 1/16 DIN Profiling Controllers
WEST Controls ProVU4 Advanced Temperature and Process Controller and Profiler
Accessories and Software
CAL Controls CALgrafix Charting, Logging and Configuration Software