TSI Incorporated

TSI products are used worldwide for investigating, identifying and solving measurement problems. TSI's instruments contribute to the design and optimization of production procedures, verifying problem resolution or generating process improvement. RAECO is proud to be an authorized distributor and representative for TSI air, emissions, IAQ, and HVAC monitoring products, as well as the industry standard in quantitative respirator fit testing: The PortaCount Pro.

Aerosol and Particulate Monitoring
TSI AeroTrak 9303 and 9306 Handheld Optical Airborne Particulate Counters
TSI Quest EVM-3 Environmental Particulate Monitor
TSI Quest EVM-7 Multiparameter Environmental Monitor
Air Sampling
TSI 4146 Primary Flow Calibrator
Indoor Air Quality Instruments
TSI IAQ-Calc™ 7515, 7525, and 7545 Monitors for CO, CO2, Temperature, and Humidity 
TSI Q-Trak™ 7575 Multifunction Datalogging Indoor Air Quality Monitor
TSI VelociCalc® 9565 Multifunction Ventilation Meter 
Ventilation Test Instruments
TSI 4146 Primary Flow Calibrator 
TSI PAN200 Positive and Negative Duct Accreditation (PANDA) System
TSI VelociCalc® 9565 Multifunction Ventilation Meter
TSI LogDat Data Downloading Software
TSI FitPro Software