Alnor (A Division of TSI)

TSI Alnor Balometer Air Capture Hood EBT731 Electronic Balancing ToolIntroduced in the 1930s and still widely used today, the Alnor Velometer and the Velometer Jr. began the long series of popular products. More recent products, like the Balometer capture hoods, are standards of performance in HVAC testing and balancing. Alnor Instrument Company has been a part of TSI since 1995. We're proud to provide the most popular Alnor products available for sale directly through our secure online store.

Alnor is now part of the TSI family. See the full list of TSI products available through Lesman.

Indoor Air Quality
Alnor Velometer AVM410, AVM430, and AVM440 Digital Thermal Anemometers
Alnor Velometer RVA801 Rotating Vane Anemometer
Ventilation Test Instruments (HVAC)
Alnor Balometer Capture Hood ABT Series Analog Balancing Tool
Alnor Balometer Capture Hood EBT731 Electronic Balancing Tool
Alnor LoFlo Balometer Series 6200 Capture Hoods for Low Volumetric Flow Rates
Alnor Hydronic Manometer HM675 and HM685 for Air and Water Pressure