Thermal dispersion mass flowmeters

Thermal Instrument Co

Founded in 1959 and headquartered in Trevose PA, Thermal Instrument Company provides instrumentation solutions for measuring the mass flow rate of liquids and gases. They offer a full line of thermal mass flow meters and flow switches available in either an unobstructed path inline model, or an insertion probe style. Thermal Instrument has an installed base of more than 20,000 thermal mass flow measurement devices worldwide.

Thermal Instrument Co has provided flow measurement solutions for natural gas to boilers, furnaces, and in pipelines; clean gases used in manufacturing processes; methane and landfill gas from waste water and landfill sites; water for cooling and pharmaceutical applications; and numerous other liquids and gases used in environmental and industrial processes.

Lesman is pleased to include Thermal Instrument Company's line of thermal dispersion mass flowmeters in our portfolio.

For help determining the best mass flowmeter for your application, please fill out an application datasheet and send it to Lesman for review.

Thermal Dispersion Mass Flowmeters
Thermal Instrument Company 62-9 Insertion Thermal Mass Flowmeter
Thermal Instrument Company 600-9/9500P Inline-Style Thermal Mass Flowmeter
Thermal Instrument Company 600-9SAN/600-9UHP Sanitary Inline Thermal Mass Flowmeter