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Steriflow (a Division of Jordan Valve)

The Steriflow division of Jordan Valves produces high quality sanitary valves, steam traps, and accessories for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and clean process industries. The Steriflow team applies Jordan Valve's sliding gate regulator design to ASME BPE design standards and surface finish requirements, and still delivers to you in a week.

Lesman is Richards Industries' exclusive factory representative for Steriflow products in Illinois and Northwest Indiana.
Steriflow Food & Beverage FB6903 3A-Sanitary Approved Check Valves
Steriflow Food & Beverage FB7904 Sanitary Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve
Steriflow Food & Beverage FB8905 3A-Sanitary Approved Three-Piece Ball Valve
Steriflow Food & Beverage FBCV-OR 3A-Sanitary Approved O-Ring Control Valve
Steriflow Mark 978JD Sanitary Globe-Style Control Valve with Jorlon Diaphragm
Steriflow Mark 978LF Sanitary Control Valve for Low Flow Applications
Steriflow Mark 978OR Sanitary Globe-Style Control Valve with O-Ring Stem Seal
Steriflow SHC Horizontal Mount Sanitary Check Valve
Steriflow SVC Vertical Mount Sanitary Check Valve
Steriflow Food & Beverage FB5C 3A-Sanitary Approved Back Pressure Regulator
Steriflow Food & Beverage FB6C 3A-Sanitary Approved Pressure Regulator
Steriflow J-Pure JSRH High Flow Bio-Pharma Clean Gas Pressure Regulator
Steriflow JSR Series High Purity Gas Pressure Regulator for Bio-Pharma Use
Steriflow Mark 95 Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator
Steriflow Mark 95AA Sanitary Air-Augmented Back Pressure Regulator
Steriflow Mark 96 Sanitary Pressure Regulator
Hygienic Process Assessories
Steriflow SC Hygienic Sample Coolers
Steriflow SG Hygienic In-Line Sight Glass
Steam Traps
Steriflow Mark 93 Sanitary Thermostatic Steam Trap