Rotronic Instrument Corp

Rotronic Instrument Corp offers a comprehensive line of reliable humidity probes, humidity indicators and meters, data loggers and field-mount humidity transmitters to precisely measure relative humidity, dewpoint, water activity, and temperature. Problem-free, accurate humidity measurement results from the most stable sensor in the industry combined with Rotronic's unique HygroClip® digital probe technology that practically eliminates any maintenance downtime. When it is time for a scheduled calibration, the plug-in HygroClip probe can be hot swapped in seconds with a spare probe without loss of measurement accuracy.

Digital Humidity Probes
Rotronic HC2-IC Industrial Probes
Rotronic HC2-IM3 and HC2-IE3 Stainless Steel Probes
Rotronic HC2-S Standard Precision Ambient Air Probe
Rotronic HygroClip2 Humidity Probes
Handheld Humidity/Temperature Indicators
Rotronic HygroPalm2 Handheld Humidity/Temperature Indicators
Humidity/Temperature Dataloggers
Rotronic HygroLog2 NT2 Single Input Humidity/Temperature Datalogger
Rotronic HygroLog2 NT3 Three Input Humidity/Temperature Datalogger
Industrial Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
HF3 Humidity Transmitters for Relative Humidity, Dewpoint, and Temperature
HF4 High Accuracy HVAC Transmitters for Relative Humidity, Dewpoint, and Temperature
HF5 Industrial Analog and Digital Humidity/Temperature Transmitters
HF7 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters for Harsh Industrial Conditions
Rotronic HW4 Configuration and Data Management Software