Lesman is the authorized representative for Clark Reliance brands in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Reliance Boiler Instrumentation

Reliance has been designing and manufacturing boiler level control systems since 1884. From the industry's first alarm water column to modern processor-based digital level indication systems, Reliance leads the industry in boiler control safety, performance, and service.

Lesman is proud to be the exclusive regional representative of Jacoby-Tarbox products in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Boiler Glass Gages
Reliance Flat Glass Water Gages
Reliance Prismatic (Reflex) Water Level Gages
Level Indicators
Reliance ASME Code-Compliant Water Columns
Reliance Eye-Hye® SmartLevel™ Remote Digital Boiler Level Indication System
Reliance Simpliport® 180 LED Illuminated Water Level Gage System
Level Switches
Reliance Levalarm Gold Boiler Level Switches
Reliance DuraStar LED Illuminator for Flat Glass Water Gages
Reliance Water Column Safety Systems and Conversion Kit