Maxon (A Honeywell Company)

Maxon's full line of industrial burners and combustion equipment includes gas burners, oil burners, gas valves, shut off valves, flow control valves, and low NOx burners. Maxon products are designed to blend durable, reliable products with the best technologies to provide clean, safe, and efficient heat to help make your operation successful. Lesman is the authorized distributor of Maxon valves and industrial burners in North and Central Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

Combustion Control Systems
Maxon SMARTFIRE® Intelligent Combustion Control System
Maxon SMARTLINK® Meter Digital Self-Checking Thermal Mass Flow Meter
Industrial Line Burners
Maxon APX® Nozzle-Mix Line Burner
Maxon CROSSFIRE® Nozzle-Mix Low Emissions Line Burner
Maxon NP-LE AIRFLO® Low Emissions Line Burner
Natural Gas Low Temperature Industrial Burners
Maxon M-PAKT® Ultra Low Emission Natural Gas Low Temperature Burner
Maxon MEGAFIRE® Industrial Gas and Oil Burner
Maxon OPTIMA™ SLS Nozzle-Mixing Ultra Low Emissions Natural Gas Burner
Maxon OVENPAK® 400 Nozzle-Mixing Natural Gas Burner
Maxon OVENPAK LE® Low Emission High Performance Natural Gas Burner
Maxon Tube-O-Flame® Nozzle-Mixing Tube-Firing Gas Burner
Maxon Tube-O-Therm® Low Temperature Direct Firing Gas Burner
Natural Gas High Temperature Industrial Burners
Maxon KINEDIZER® LE High Capacity Low NOx Gas Burner
Maxon KINEMAX® Medium Velocity Gas or Oil Burner
Maxon UNI-RAD® Gas-Fired Radiant Tube Burner System
Valves and Actuators
Maxon CV and BV Mechanical Flow Control and Balancing Valves
Maxon MICRO-RATIO® Mechanical Flow Control Valves
Maxon SMARTLINK® CV Intelligent Electronic Valve Actuator Assembly
Maxon SMARTLINK® DS Heavy-Duty Quarter-Turn Intelligent Control Actuator
Maxon SMARTLINK® MRV Micro-Ratio Valve with Electronic Linkage
Maxon SYNCHRO A Mechanical Flow Control Valves
Maxon Series 4700 General Purpose Electromechanical Shutoff and Vent Valves
Maxon Series 5000 Electromechanical Safety Shutoff Valves for Gas or Oil
Maxon Series 6200 NI Non-Incendive Electromechanical Shutoff and Vent Valves
Maxon Series 8000 Pneumatic (Air-Actuated) Safety Shutoff Valves for Gas or Oil