Hex Valve

Hex Valve is an industry leader of instrument manifolds, orifice block valves, gauge valves, needle valves and block and bleed valves.

Block and Bleed Valves
Hex Valve HB26 Bleed Valve
Hex Valve HB50/HB51 Block and Bleed Valves
Hex Valve HB59 Integral Block and Bleed Valves
Hex Valve HG65 Orifice Block Valve
Hex Valve PG65 ANSI Power Standards Compliant Orifice Block Valve
Gauge Valves
Hex Valve HG35 Gauge Valve
Hex Valve HG46 Compact Gauge Valve
Hex Valve HG47 Roddable Orifice Valve
Hex Valve HG48 Gauge and Block Valve
Hex Valve HGVS Gauge Syphon for Steam and Heat-Transfer Media
Manifold Valves
Hex Valve HM50 Flanged Static Pressure Two Valve Manifold
Hex Valve HM53 Differential Pressure Three Valve Manifold
Hex Valve HM57 Differential Pressure Five Valve Manifold
Hex Valve HM58 Flanged Two Valve Level Manifold
Hex Valve HM59 Line-Mounted Static Pressure Two Valve Manifold
Plug and Needle Valves
Hex Valve HN39 NACE Stainless Steel Block Valves for High Pressures
Hex Valve HN41 NACE Stainless Steel Roddable Needle Valves
Hex Valve HN49 Needle Valve with Integral Metal Seat
Specialty Valves
Hex Valve HS31 Sample and Tank Bottom Drain Valve


Effective September 2012, Richards Industries named Lesman its exclusive factory representative for Hex Valve products in Illinois and Northwest Indiana. Many of these products can be ready to ship to you within a week.

Download the Lesman catalog section on Hex Valves, complete with a part number crossover from Anderson-Greenwood.