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Fireye, a division of United Technologies Fire and Security, manufactures flame safeguard and combustion control systems for commercial and industrial applications worldwide.

Fireye flame safeguard controls are compact, modular burner control management systems designed to provide automatic ignition and continuous flame monitoring for commercial-sized heating and process burners firing any type of fuel. We've worked with our partners at Fireye to simplify the selection process, so you can pick the modules you need for your application, and be sure you have all the elements necessary for a complete burner management system.

Burner Control Systems
Fireye BurnerLogix Integrated Burner Management System
Fireye MicroM Series Flame Safeguard Burner Control System
Fireye MB Industrial Multi-Burner Flame Safeguard Control System
Fireye SB Series Modular Single Burner Management System
Flame Monitor Series Burner Control Systems
Fireye Flame Monitor Series E110 Burner Control with Chassis
Fireye Flame Monitor Series EP160 Programmer Module
Fireye Flame Monitor Series ED510 LCD Display Module
Fireye Flame Amplifier Modules
Industrial MB Multiburner Control Systems
Fireye MB600S Control Chassis for MB Industrial Multiburner Control System
Fireye MB-600PF and MBPF-100S Flame Sensor Modules for Industrial MB Multiburner Control System
Fireye Flame Amplifier Modules
Discrete Flame Scanners (Require a Flame Amplifier Module)
Fireye UV1A Miniature Ultraviolet Discrete Flame Scanners
Fireye UV7 Series Discrete Ultraviolet Flame Scanners
Fireye 45UV5 Self-Checking Discrete Ultraviolet Flame Scanner
Fireye 48PT2 Lead Sulfide Discrete Infrared Flame Scanner
Fireye 55UV5 Self-Checking Ultraviolet Discrete Flame Scanner
Integrated Flame Scanners (Scanner and Amplifier Combined)
Fireye Insight Type 95 Integrated Flame Scanner
Fireye Insight II 95DSS3 SIL-3 Certified Integrated Flame Scanner
Fireye Insight IV Integrated Flame Scanner
Fireye Phoenix 85UVF Ultraviolet and 85IRF Infrared Integrated Flame Scanners
Fireye Simplicity 65UV5 Ultraviolet Integrated Flame Scanner