Honeywell Eclipse

Eclipse is now part of Honeywell Thermal Solutions, which includes Honeywell Combustion Safety, Honeywell Combustion Service, Exothermics, Hauck, Kromschröder, Maxon and Eclipse. Honeywell Eclipse offers a comprehensive range burners, recuperators, heat exchangers, and fully engineered combustion systems for industrial heating processes that deliver safe, reliable, efficient, and clean heat.

Air and Fuel Supply Components
SMJ High Efficiency Blower
Combustion Controls and Flame Safeguards
T600 Flame Safeguard Control System
Heat Exchangers
Exothermics SP Sinusoidal Plate Heat Exchangers
Industrial Burners
AH-MA Low NOx Air Heating Burner
AirHeat v1 Large Volume Low Emissions Burner
AirHeat v2 Large Volume Low Emissions Burner
ImmersoJet Nozzle-Mix High Heat Transfer Rate Immersion Burner
ImmersoPak Tube Firing Burner
RatioAir Packaged Velocity Air Heating Burner
RatioMatic Low Emission Air Heating Burner
RHT Indirect Air Heating Burner System
SER V5 Single-Ended Radiant Tube Firing Burner
ThermAir Fixed-Air Wide Turndown Air Heating Burner
ThermJet Direct Fire Furnace-Type Burner
Vortometric High Output/Low Pressure Air Heating Burners
Winnox Low NOx Air Heating Burner
Shut-Off and Control Valves
ALO Adjustable Orifice Gas Flow Control Valves
AutoTite 2000AT Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve
BV Hot-Air Butterfly Control Valves
BV-Pak Packaged Butterfly Valve and Actuator
Hot Air Butterfly Valves
Locktite 200LT Manual Reset Gas Shutoff Valve
Valve Train Accessories
Ignition Transformers
Peepsight Furnace Viewing Accessories