Ebro Armaturen Valve

For more than 40 years, EBRO Armaturen has produced shutoff and control valves for industrial applications worldwide. EBRO butterfly valves and actuators meet the demands of both general industrial applications and high performance valves and automation technology for extreme applications. Ebro and Stafsjo Valve have been run by the same family-owned business since 2006.

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves
F 012-A Double-Flanged Butterfly Valve
F 012-K1 Double-Flanged Butterfly Valve
Z 011-A Wafer-Style Butterfly Valve
Z 011-GMX Wafer-Style Aluminum Body Butterfly Valve for Abrasive Services
Z 014-A Lug-Style Butterfly Valve
Z 611-A Wafer-Style Butterfly Valve
Z 614-K Lug-Style Butterfly Valve
Fully Lined Butterfly Valves
T 211-A Fully-Lined Wafer Butterfly Valve
T 212-A Fully-Lined Double-Flanged Butterfly Valve
T 214-A Fully-Lined Lug Butterfly Valve
High Performance Butterfly Valves
HP 111 Wafer-Style Butterfly Valve
HP 111-E Wafer-Style Butterfly Valve with Split Shaft Design
HP 114 Lug-Style Butterfly Valve
HP 114-E Lug-Style Butterfly Valve with Split Shaft Design
Sanitary Application Butterfly Valves
BE 50/80 and BE250/300 Butterfly Valves for Containers and Silos
FS-M Impeller Valve
INFLAS Inflatable Seal Butterfly Valve
EB-SYD Double-Acting Pneumatic Actuator
EB-SYS Spring-Return Pneumatic Actuator
E65-E210 Electric Actuators for On/Off and Control
Direct-Mount Limit Switches
Valve Positioners