Due to customer requests, Lesman has expanded our valve offering to include process valves, instrument valves, combustion valves, as well as our stock of ASCO solenoid valves. If you need high performance and quick delivery, we can help.

Process valves and regulators available from Lesman Instrument Company

Process Valves

Ball valves
Butterfly valves
Control valves
Hygienic valves
Knife gate valves
Valve positioners and actuators

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Solenoid Valves available from Lesman Instrument Company

Solenoid Valves

Two-way solenoid valves
Three-way solenoid valves
Four-way solenoid valves
Piston and pilot-operated valves
Combustion service valves
Solenoid valve accessories

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Instrument Valves and Manifolds Avialable from Lesman Instrument Company

Instrument Valves

Check valves
Gauge valves
Manifold valves
Plug and needle valves
Specialty valves

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Combustion and Safety Shutoff Valves Available from Lesman Instrument Company

Combustion Valves

Ball valves
Firing rate valves
Flow control valves
Safety shutoff valves
Solenoid valves
Valve positioners and actuators

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