Piping Specialties

At Lesman, complete service means providing you with the process control instrumentation that suits your applications, and the accessory products that make advanced instruments work their best.

Agitators and Eductors
Jacoby-Tarbox TLA Tank Liquid Agitators
Jacoby-Tarbox In-Line Eductors
Steam Traps
Bestobell Delta Element Steam Traps
Bestobell DT Series Thermodynamic Disc Steam Traps
Bestobell GSM17 and GCM17 In-Line Thermostatic Capsule Steam Traps
Bestobell Steam IB18 Inverted Bucket Steam Traps
Bestobell Steam PT Float and Thermostatic Steam Traps
Bestobell Steam Sanitary Steam Traps for Clean Steam Applications
Steriflow Mark 93 Sanitary Thermostatic Steam Trap
Titan YS58-CI Cast Iron Y-Type Strainers