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Flow Instrumentation

Energy Meters
Siemens SITRANS FEC920 Thermal Energy Meter
Flow Totalization Indicators
GPI Flomec E112 Explosion-Proof Totalizer and Flow Rate Indicator
GPI Flomec RT14 Battery-Powered Flowrate Totalizer
Precision Digital PD6200 ProVu Analog Input Dual-Line Flow Rate/Totalizer
GPI Flomec Economy Series Turbine Flowmeters
GPI Flomec A1 Commercial-Grade Turbine Flowmeter
GPI Flomec DP490 and DP525 Insertion Impeller Flowmeters
GPI Flomec G Series Precision Turbine Flowmeters
GPI Flomec G2 Industrial Grade Turbine Flowmeters
GPI Flomec OM Series Oval Gear Flowmeters
GPI Flomec QS200 Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeters for Clean Water
GPI Flomec TM Series Water Application Turbine Flowmeters
Honeywell VersaFlow Coriolis Mass Flowmeters
Maxon SMARTFIRE® Intelligent Combustion Control System
Maxon SMARTLINK® Meter Digital Self-Checking Thermal Mass Flow Meter
Panametrics AquaTrans AT600 Panametrics Clamp-On Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter
Panametrics DigitalFlow DF868 Liquid Ultrasonic Energy Meter
Panametrics DigitalFlow GF868 Ultrasonic Mass Flowmeter for Flare Gas Applications
Panametrics DigitalFlow GS868 Ultrasonic Mass Flowmeter for Steam Applications
Panametrics DigitalFlow XGS868i Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter for Steam Applications
Panametrics PanaFlow HT SIL-Rated Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Liquids
Panametrics PanaFlow Z1G Ultrasonic Volumetric Flowmeter for Gases
Panametrics PanaFlow Z3 Three-Path Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Liquids
Panametrics TransPort PT900 Panametrics Clamp-on Portable Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeter
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Ronan X96S Radiometric Weighing System for Bulk Solids Flow
Siemens Milltronics Dry Solids Flowmeters
Siemens SITRANS FC410 Coriolis Mass Flowmeter for Tight Spaces
Siemens SITRANS FC430 Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
Siemens SITRANS FM Magflo Electromagnetic Flowmeters
Siemens SITRANS FX330 Vortex Flowmeter for Steam, Gas, and Liquids
Thermal Instrument Company 62-9 Insertion Thermal Mass Flowmeter
Thermal Instrument Company 600-9/9500P Inline-Style Thermal Mass Flowmeter
Thermal Instrument Company 600-9SAN/600-9UHP Sanitary Inline Thermal Mass Flowmeter
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Laminar Flow Elements
Meriam 50MC2 Low Flow Element with Hose-Type Connections
Meriam 50MR2 Low Flow Element with ANSI Flanged Connections
Mass Flow
Siemens SITRANS FC430 Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
Thermal Instrument Co Inline and Insertion Mass Flowmeters
Sight Glasses and Sight Flow Indicators
Jacoby-Tarbox 90-LR ASME-Rated Flanged Sight Flow Indicator
Jacoby-Tarbox 805-S Cylindrical Sight Flow Indicator with 360° Viewing
Jacoby-Tarbox 910-FA Flanged Bullseye Sight Flow Indicator with Weighted Flapper
Jacoby-Tarbox 935-FA Flanged Bullseye Sight Flow Indicator with TFE Rotor
Jacoby-Tarbox 5005-DW FM-Approved Security Sight Window
Jacoby-Tarbox Phaeton® XTL & SL Explosion-Proof Lights for Tank Windows or Sight Flow Indicators
Jacoby-Tarbox UniGlas® Fused Glass Safety Sight Windows
Dwyer V4 Series Flotect Vane-Operated Flow Switch
Dwyer V6 Series Flotect Mini Flow Switch
Siemens Milltronics Echomax Ultrasonic Transducers
GPI Flomec Digital Display Flow Transmitters
Honeywell SMV800 SmartLine Multivariable Transmitter
Kobold OVZ Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flowmeter for Viscous Oils
Meriam MDT500 Multivariable Digital Transmitter
Siemens Milltronics MultiRanger Single-Channel Solid/Liquid Ultrasonic System
Siemens SITRANS FC Coriolis Mass Flowmeters
Siemens SITRANS FM Magflo Electromagnetic Flowmeters
Transmitters for Water and Wastewater Applications
Siemens Milltronics HydroRanger 200 Flow and Level Monitoring System
Siemens SITRANS LUT400 Ultrasonic Controller for Level and Open Channel Flow
Software and Accessories
GE PanaLog Viewer PC Software