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Phoenix Contact Wireless Radio Antennas

Monitor and control, extend Ethernet network, expand serial networks, while eliminating cost of cable, conduit and trenching and gaining mobility. Phoenix Contact offers a selection of wireless radio antennae to support your communication needs.

The calculation of system gain is [Antenna Gain Factor] + [Cable Loss Factors] + [Accessory Loss Factors]. FCC Part 15 regulations limit the antenna system gain for a 1-Watt unlicensed radio system to 6 dBi.

Gain: How far a radio/cable/antenna system will transmit a signal by "focusing" the signal energy produced by the radio. Loss: The resistance of all the things that reduce the strength of a signal as it travels (cables, connectors, surge protectors, etc).

Key Specifications

  • Bottom Left: 1/4 Wave Whip Antenna (0 dBi Gain)
  • Upper Left: Three-Element Yagi Antenna (6.5 dBi Gain)
  • Right: Omni Fiberglass Antenna (3 dBi Gain)
  • Bottom Center: Low-Profile Omni Antenna (3 dBi Gain)
    Includes Cable, Surge Suppression Module and Connector)
  • Read Phoenix Contact's Antenna Tutorial (86k .PDF)
  • Add Lightning Suppression and Accessories as Needed


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