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Phoenix Contact Cables, Connectors and Adapters

Phoenix Contact offers a selection of cables, connectors and adapters to support your wireless communication system needs.

Key Specifications

Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature

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    • Lesman Catalog PDF
    • 3.7MB
    • Lesman Catalog Section: Wireless Instruments and Communications
    • Phoenix Contact PDF
    • 27KB
    • Phoenix Contact Cable Adapters Datasheet
    • Phoenix Contact PDF
    • 56KB
    • Phoenix Contact Coaxial Data Cable Datasheet
    • Phoenix Contact PDF
    • 23KB
    • Phoenix Contact MCX to BNC Connectors Datasheet
    • Phoenix Contact PDF
    • 347KB
    • Phoenix Contact Antenna Cables and Accessories Datasheet
    • Phoenix Contact PDF
    • 189KB
    • Phoenix Contact Explosion Proof Antenna Fitting Datasheet
    • Phoenix Contact PDF
    • 391KB
    • Phoenix Contact 4-Way Antenna Splitter Datasheet

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application. Click the model number to order in our secure online store.

Product TypeDescriptionSeries CodeModel Number
Sealant TapeWeather protectant tape, 1 rollRAD-TAPE-SV-25-10 2885812
Surge SuppressorFor 900 MHz radios and antennaeCN-UB-280DC-BB-BB-ASSY 5603859
For 2.4 and 5 GHz radios and antennaeCN-LAMBDA/4-5.9-BB 2838490
Adapter CablePigtail cable, 1.64 ft, MCX-male to N-maleRAD-PIG-EF316-MCX-N 2867681
Pigtail cable, 3.3 ft, MCX-male to SMA-maleRAD-PIG-EF316-MCX-SMA 2867678
Extension CableRG-58U, 10 foot, 1.6 dB lossRAD-CAB-RG58-10 2867364
LMR-400, 20 foot, 0.78 dB loss RAD-CAB-LMR400-20 5606125
RG-58U, 20 foot, 2.74 dB lossRAD-CAB-RG58-20 2867212
LMR-500, 25 foot, 0.78 dB lossRAD-CAB-LMR500-25 5606126
RG-213U, 25 foot, 1.9 dB lossRAD-CAB-RG213-25 2867597
RG-213U, 40 foot, 3.04 dB lossRAD-CAB-RG213-40 2867377
RG-213U, 50 foot, 3.8 dB lossRAD-CAB-RG213-50 2867225
LMR-400, 100 foot, 3.9 dB lossRAD-CAB-LMR400-100 2867238
LMR-600, 125 foot, 3.13 dB lossRAD-CAB-LMR600-125 2885171
RS-232 CableRS-232, 9-pin Sub-D female to femalePSM-KA9SUB9/BB/2METER 2799475

If you're building a Phoenix Contact wireless system for monitoring and control, you may also need the following:


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