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Banner Engineering SureCross Industrial Wireless I/O System

Banner Engineering's SureCross™ DX80 wireless I/O network provides reliable monitoring without the high cost and headaches of wiring or conduit installation. SureCross DX80 is a deterministic system — when a radio signal is lost, ig drives relevant outputs to user-defined conditions. Once the radio signal is reacquired, the network returns to normal operation. Each wireless network system consists of one Gateway and one or more nodes that ship with factory defined inputs and outputs. Devices may be all discrete I/O, all analog I/O, mixed discrete and analog I/O, and FlexPower™.

Key Specifications

  • Industrial I/O includes discrete, analog, temperature, serial, counter, and humidity
  • Transceiver pairs replace a single signal cable (save up to $90/foot)
  • Scalable networks to collect thousands of signals
  • IP67/NEMA 6, Class I, Div 2 models
  • 900 MHz Modbus RTU gateways, available with discrete, analog, or both I/O. Can be used as a repeater to extend network distances.

Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature

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    • Banner Engineering PDF
    • 1.6MB
    • Banner Engineering SureCross Industrial Wireless I/O Network Brochure
    • Banner DX80 PDF
    • 5.3MB
    • What is a Banner SureCross DX80?
    • Brand PDF
    • 260KB
    • Banner Engineering SureCross DX80 Radio System Specification
    • Brand PDF
    • 1.1MB
    • Banner Engineering SureCross DX80 Antenna and Accessories Guide
    • Banner DX80 PDF
    • 1.1MB
    • Banner Engineering SureCross DX80 Network Quick Start Guide
    • Brand PDF
    • 7.6MB
    • Banner Engineering SureCross DX80 User Manual

Model Selection Guide

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Kit TypeGateway FunctionNodes
in Kit
Node Inputs and Outputs
(Analog are 0-20 mA unless specified)
Part NumberModel Number
Analog I/O4 AI, 4 AO14 AI, 4 AO79404 DX80K9M6AC1
4 AI, 4 AO (0-10 VDC)14 AI, 4 AO (0-10 VDC)79405 DX80K9M6AV1
Discrete I/O2 DO1FlexPower Node: 2 DI76689 DX80K9M3PE1
4 DI, 4 DO14 DI, 4 DO76682 DX80K9M6DP1
4 DI, 8 DO18 DI, 4 DO78743 DX80K9M6ED1
6 DI, 6 DO16 DI, 6 DO79008 DX80K9M6EP1
4 DI, 4 DO22 DI, 2DO76683 DX80K9M6DP2
4 DI, 4 DO41 DI, 1 DO76684 DX80K9M6DP4
Mixed I/O2 DI, 2 DO, 2 AI, 2 AO12 DI, 2 DO, 2 AI, 2 AO76686 DX80K9M6MP1
2 DO, 2 AO1FlexPower Node: 2 DI, 2 AI76690 DX80K9M3GE1
4 DI, 4 DO, 2 AI, 2 AO14 DI, 4 DO, 2 AI, 2 AO78773 DX80K9M6EM1
4 DI, 4 DO, 2 AI, 2 AO (0-10 VDC)14 DI, 4 DO, 2 AI, 2 AO (0-10 VDC)79403 DX80K9M6EV1
2 DI, 2 DO, 2 AI, 2 AO21 DI, 1 DO, 1 AI, 1 AO76687 DX80K9M6MP2
SureCross DX80 Gateway serves as repeater only.
Discrete I/ORepeater2Node 1: 2 DO, FlexPower Node: 2 DI76698 DX80K9R3PE1
24 DI, 4 DO76693 DX80K9R6DP1
3Node 1: 4 DI, 4 DO, Node 2-3: 2 DI, 2 DO76694 DX80K9R6DP2
5Node 1: 4 DI, 4 DO, Node 2-5: 1 DI, 1 DO76695 DX80K9R6DP4
Mixed I/ORepeater2Node 1: 1 DI, 1 DO, 1 AI, 1 AO
FlexPower Node: 1 DI, 1 DO, 1 AI, 1 AO
76699 DX80K9R3GE1
22 DI, 2 DO, 2 AI, 2 AO76696 DX80K9R6MP1
3Node 1: 2 DI, 2 DO, 2 AI, 2 AO,
Node 2-3: 1 DI, 1 DO, 1 AI, 1 AO
76697 DX80K9R6MP2

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