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Steriflow Food & Beverage FB8905 3A-Sanitary Approved Three-Piece Ball Valve

The Steriflow FB8905 is a three-piece 3A approved sanitary ball valve designed for clean utility applications in the Food & Beverage and Consumer Health & Beauty industries.

This three-piece 316L stainless steel ball valve comes standard with sanitary clamps and a 32 Ra or better internal finish. It is cavity filled to minimize media collection, and designed for simple maintenance with swing-out reparable features and a lockable handle to prevent accidental operation. Its tube bore design provides unobstructed media flow and improved drainage.

Key Specifications

  • Available in sizes from 1/2" to 4"
  • Setpoint spring ranges from 3 to 105 PSI
  • Cv from 9 to 1986 with operating torque from 80 to 1300 in-lb
  • Pressure ratings to 800 or 1000 PSI, depending on valve size
  • Stainless steel body, end caps, ball, and stem; PTFE ball seats, stem packing, and seals
  • Manual locking lever and ISO 5211 actuator mounting flange
  • Available with solenoid, valve positioner, limit switch, or air pressure regulator
  • Unicert certificate of compliance available on request for material, surface finish, FDA food and beverage, and 3A sanitary approvals

Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature

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