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Honeywell STT850 SmartLine Temperature Transmitter

Honeywell STT850 SmartLine temperature transmitters offer modular design, industry leading performance, efficient control system integration and an intuitive user interface. The transmitters reduce users’ total cost of ownership in industrial process control and safety applications.

SmartLine temperature transmitters accurately measure industrial temperature measurements through onboard ambient temperature and cold junction compensation, single and dual sensor input options, redundant, differential and averaging temperature measurements, sensor drift alert, temperature-dependent switchover, and polarity-insensitive electrical connections.

These totally-redesigned temperature transmitters offer field calibration and configuration through external three-button interface, plus comprehensive onboard diagnostic capabilities for both the sensor and transmitter.

Key Specifications

  • Digital accuracy up to ±0.08°C for RTD; Standard reference output accuracy to ±0.0005% of span
  • Stability up to 0.01% of URL per year for ten years
  • 130 mSec update time (four times faster than competitive models)
  • Sensor matching facility for higher accuracy
  • Built-in digital output option
  • Advanced display shows measurement data, bargraphs, diagnostic messages, transmitter messaging, and maintenance mode indication
  • Full compliance with SIL 2/3 requirements
  • Replaces the retired STT3000 Series STT350 smart temperature transmitter


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