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Siemens Milltronics Pointek CLS300 Capacitance Level Detection Switch

Siemens Pointek CLS300 is an inverse frequency shift capacitance level switch, ideal for detecting liquids, solids, slurries, foam and interfaces in demanding conditions where high pressure and temperatures are present. The fully potted electronics are unaffected by condensation, dust or vibration. Its robust design makes it usable in heavy solids applications where abrasive materials exist. 

The CLS300 is offered in standard and digital versions. The standard version has three LED indicators with basic relay or solid-state switch alarms. The digital version provides a solid state switch alarm, an integral LCD display for standalone use, and PROFIBUS PA communication (Profile v3.0, Class B).

Key Specifications

  • Patented Mercap Active Shield Technology
  • High-Sensitivity Probe Unaffected by Material Buildup
  • Withstands Temperatures to 752°F, Pressures to 511 PSI, and High Loads of Solids Materials
  • Works with Highly Abrasive or Corrosive Media
  • Performs Equally Well in Conductive or Non-Conductive (Dielectric=1.5) Viscous Materials
  • Fast, Cost-Effective Setup Using LED's Verification
  • Universal Power Supply and Transmitter
  • Multiple Outputs

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626

Ordering Instructions: Make one selection from each table section below. A complete catalog number will look like this: 7ML5650-0AA00-0AA0

Description Catalog
CLS300 Capacitance Point Level Detection Sensor 7ML5650-
316L SS Process
3/4" NPT Threaded
1" NPT Threaded
1.25" NPT Threaded
1.5" NPT Threaded
1" ASME, 150 Lb Welded Flange
1" ASME, 300 Lb Welded Flange
1.5" ASME, 150 Lb Welded Flange
1.5" ASME, 300 Lb Welded Flange
2" ASME, 150 Lb Welded Flange
2" ASME, 300 Lb Welded Flange
3" ASME, 150 Lb Welded Flange
3" ASME, 300 Lb Welded Flange
4" ASME, 150 Lb Welded Flange
4" ASME, 300 Lb Welded Flange
0A_ _ _-
0B_ _ _-
0C_ _ _-
0D_ _ _-
5A_ _ _-
5B_ _ _-
5D_ _ _-
5E_ _ _-
5G_ _ _-
5H_ _ _-
5K_ _ _-
5L_ _ _-
5N_ _ _-
5P_ _ _-
Standard Probe Lengths
(from flange face)
Threaded lengths include  
process connection.
13.78"Standard Extended Rod   350mm
19.69" Standard Extended Rod   500mm  
29.53" Standard Extended Rod   750mm  
39.37"Standard Extended Rod   1000mm  
_ _A_ _-
_ _B_ _-
_ _C_ _-
_ _D_ _-
Temperature Options No Thermal Isolator
Thermal Isolator (Process Temps >185° F)
_ _ _0_-
_ _ _1_-
Wetted Seals FKM
FFKM (Process Temps >-47° F)
_ _ _ _0-
_ _ _ _1-
Probe 316L SS, PFA Lining, PEEK Isolators 0_ _ _
Approvals CSA/FM/CE General Service
CSA/FM Dust-Ignition Proof, IS Probe
CSA/FM Explosion Proof, IS Probe
_A_ _
_F_ _
_G_ _
Enclosure IP65 Rating
IP68 Rating
_ _A_
_ _C_
Active Shield Length 125 mm Threaded, 105 mm Flanged
250 mm Threaded, 230 mm Flanged **
400 mm Threaded, 380 mm Flanged **
_ _ _0
_ _ _1
_ _ _2
Spare Parts and
GP, Dust/Ignition-Proof 1/2" HF Cable Gland  
Explosion-Proof 1/2" HF Cable Gland
3/4" NPT Ryton SensGuard (PPS) Cover
CLS300 English Instruction Manual
CLS300 Quick Start Guide
**250 mm Extended shield available only on probe lengths > 500 mm.
**400 mm Extended shield available only on probe lengths > 750 mm.
Description Catalog
CLS Flange, 3/4" Thread for Mounting any 3/4" NPT Pointek CLS Level Switch 7ML5650-
Process Connection1" 150# Flange
1" 300# Flange
1" 600# Flange
1.5" 150# Flange
1.5" 300# Flange
1.5" 600# Flange
2" 150# Flange
2" 300# Flange
2" 600# Flange
3" 150# Flange
3" 300# Flange
3" 600# Flange
4" 150# Flange
4" 300# Flange
4" 600# Flange


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