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Siemens SITRANS LVL200 Vibrating Fork Point Level Switch for Liquids and Slurries

Siemens' SITRANS LVL200 is a vibrating tuning fork  level switch for use in liquid and slurry applications like overflow, high, low, demand, and pump protection. Its short insertion length (just 1.57") makes the SITRANS LVL200 easy to mount in small pipes or confined spaces.

SITRANS LVL200 continuously monitors faults via frequency evaluation, providing early detection of strong corrosion or damage on the tuning fork, loss of vibration, or a line break to the piezo drive. It can be used in difficult conditions including turbulence, air bubbles, foam generation, buildup, or strong external vibration.

SITRANS LVL200 comes in three output versions: DPDT relay output with two floating SPDTs, contactless electronic switch, and two-wire NAMUR signal output.

Key Specifications

  • Measuring range 1.5" to 13 feet (40mm to 4m)
  • Compact insertion length of 1.57" for confined space applications
  • Fault monitoring for corrosion, loss of vibration or line break to the piezo drive
  • SIL 2 qualified for high level and dry run applications
  • Hygienic process connections available
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Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626

A complete catalog number will look like this: 7ML5746-2QA02-1BA0-Z+Y17
Description Catalog
SITRANS LVL200 Compact Vibrating Fork Point Level Switch 7ML7546-
Electronics Contactless Electronic Switch 20 to 250 V AC/DC
Double relay (DPDT) 20 to 72 V DC, 20 to 250 V AC
1_ _ _ _-
2_ _ _ _-
Approvals None
FM Non-Incendive Class I, Div. 2, Groups A-D
_A_ _ _-
_Q_ _ _-
3/4" NPT Thread, PN 64/316L
1" NPT Thread, PN 64/316L
1-1/2" Tri-Clamp, PN 16/316L Ra < 0.3 µm
2" Tri-Clamp, PN 16/316L Ra < 0.3 µm
1" 150# ANSI Flange, B16.5/316L
2" 150# ANSI Flange RF, B16.5/316L
_ _A02-
_ _A13-
_ _A41-
_ _A44-
_ _C51-
_ _C72-
Housing &
Cable Entry
No Adapter, Aluminum IP66/IP67 Housing, 1/2" NPT Cable
No Adapter, 316L SS (Electropolished) IP66/IP67 Housing, 1/2" NPT Cable 
Stainless Steel Identification Label, Add in Plain Text, Max. 40 Characters  -Z+Y17


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