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Siemens SITRANS LR260 Two-Wire Radar for Dry Solids Level Measurement

Siemens SITRANS LR260 two-wire continuous radar level transmitter for dry solids applications is easy to install and quick to configure. Its narrow horn and beam, along with Siemens Process Intelligence algorithms, ensure that the LR260 provides high accuracy of low and high levels, even with dusty solid media or filling tanks.

The LR260 is a suitable replacement for the retired SITRANS LR400 liquid level radar transmitter for applications with ranges up to 98 feet.

Key Specifications

  • 25GHz Pulse Radar for Continuous Level Measurement of Dry Solids
  • Non-Contact, Not Influenced by Dust, Not Influenced by Acoustic Noise (Filling)
  • Works Reliably in Ranges to 98 Feet and Process Temperatures to 392°F
  • Need longer distance ranges? See the new SITRANS LR560 two-wire radar with lens antenna
  • Graphical User Interface and Quick Start Wizard Gets Your System Operational in Minutes
  • Process Intelligence Algorithms for Echo Processing Adjust on the Fly to Changes in Process Conditions
  • Compatible with Infrared Handheld Programmer for Local Configuration; Compatible with SIMATIC PDM via HART for Configuration with a PC; Models available with Profibus PA
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Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626

A complete catalog number will look like this: 7ML5427-0_ _ _0-_ _ _0
Description Catalog
Sitrans LR260 Two-Wire 25 GHz Pulse Radar for Dry Solids Level  7ML5427-
Universal Flat Faced 3" (80mm)
Universal Flat Faced 4" (100mm)
Universal Flat Faced 6" (150mm)
0B_ _ _-
0C_ _ _-
0D_ _ _-
Antenna 3" Horn, Fits 3" Nozzles
3" Horn, 100 mm Extension
3" Horn, 200 mm Extension
3" Horn, 500 mm Extension [1]
3" Horn, 1000 mm Extension [1]
4" Horn, Fits 4" Nozzle
4" Horn, 100 mm Extension
4" Horn, 200 mm Extension
4" Horn, 500 mm Extension [1]
4" Horn, 1000 mm Extension [1]
_ _F_ _-
_ _G_ _-
_ _H_ _-
_ _J_ _-
_ _K_ _-
_ _L_ _-
_ _M_ _-
_ _N_ _-
_ _P_ _-
_ _Q_ _-
Purge None
Purge (Self-Cleaning) Connection
_ _ _00-
_ _ _10-
Communication 4-20 mA, HART®
Profibus PA
0_ _ _
1_ _ _
Cable Inlet Two 1/2" NPT Cable Inlets _B_ _
Approvals General Purpose CSAus/c, FCC, CE, R&TTE
CSA/FM Class II, Div 1, Gr E-G, Class III
_ _A_
_ _B_
43.51 PSI (3 bar) pressure rating in Bar
7.25 PSI (0.5 bar) maximum
_ _ _0
_ _ _1
Accessories LR260 Instruction Manual, HART
LR260 Quick Start Guide, HART
LR260 Instruction Manual, Profibus
LR260 Quick Start Guide, Profibus
Handheld Programmer, IS
HART Modem, RS-232
PTFE Dust Cover for 3" Horn
PTFE Dust Cover for 4" Horn


[1] Not available with Purge Connection option.


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