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Precision Digital Large Display Process Meters

It's hard to miss the large meter PD650's 2.3"-tall display (top) as it monitors your process loops on a busy industrial plant floor. Whether it's level, pressure, temperature, flow rate, or total, this rugged meter does it all. The PD655 (front left) process meter has a 1.0" LED housed in a durable polycarbonate enclosure. The PD656 (front right) large display explosion-proof meter with a 0.8" LED, housed in a rugged sand-cast aluminum enclosure, is perfect for environments where you previously needed a separate enclosure. 

Key Specifications

  • Enhanced 4-1/2 Digit Plus Extra Zero Display for Process Rate
  • Full Six-Digit Display for Total
  • Field Selectable mA and V Inputs
  • Easy Single Button Scaling (One Button Does It All!)
  • Two or Four Relays and 4-20 mA Output Options
  • Field Selectable 115 or 230 VAC Power
  • Two 24 VDC Isolated Power Supplies