Honeywell DCP551 and DCP552 Digital Controller Programmers

Designed for efficient and effective operation, the DCP550 series provides 0.1% accuracy on up to 2 inputs, with 16 digital outputs for event or time sequencing, 16 digital inputs for remote control, and a user-friendly interface for operation and configuration.

Honeywell's DCP551 single channel programmer is available with one or two inputs and has one loop of control. It supports up to 99 program profiles with up to 99 segments per profile. The DCP552 is a dual channel programmer with two inputs and two loops of control. It supports up to 49 dual program profiles with up to 99 segments per profile set. A universal input accepts thermocouple signals, resistance temperature detector (RTD) signals, DC voltages and DC currents.

Key Specifications

  • Universal Configurable Input Accepts 22 Thermocouple Ranges, 8 RTD Ranges, and 7 Linear Signal Ranges
  • Two 5-Digit Multifunction Displays Show Process Variable, Setpoint, Deviation, Output and Segment Timing
  • DCP551 Stores 99 Programs/99 Segments per Program, Dual Channel DCP552 Stores 49 Programs per Channel/99 Segments per Program
  • Available with Current, Relay or Logic Outputs, plus Auxiliary 4-20 mA Output for Heat/Cool Applications
  • Now available through Lesman from Azbil (Yamatake Group)
    Standard models available for quick shipment from factory stock

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626

 Honeywell Model 
Azbil Model
from Factory Stock
One Input Channel, Universal Output, 2 Aux Output and Communications  DCP551-F-1-0-2-00 DCP551B10200
Two Input Channels, Universal Output, 2 Aux Output and Communications  DCP551-F-2-0-2-00DCP551B20200
Two Input Channels, Universal Output, 2 Aux Output and Communications  DCP552-F-2-0-2-00DCP552B20200
Two Input Channels, Universal Output, Carbon Potential, 1 Aux Output DCP552-F-2-1-1-00DCP552B21100

How do the Honeywell and Azbil model numbers compare? They are almost identical, with the change of F to B to designate the universal output. Here's a full breakdown of the model selection guide.

Current Azbil
Model Number
Single Channel Digital Controller/Programmer  DCP551DCP551
Dual Channel Digital Controller Programmer  DCP552DCP552
OutputUniversal Output (No Card Reader)FB
InputsOne Input Channel 11
Two Input Channels  22
OptionsNone Selected00
Oxygen Sensor Input for Carbon Potential 11
Option 1None 0-000-00
1 Auxiliary Output 1-001-00
2 Auxiliary Outputs and Communications 2-002-00


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