Honeywell Modutrol IV Low-Torque Rotary Actuator Motor

Understanding the Modutrol Order Number GuideThe economical rotary-action Honeywell Modutrol IV motor is the right choice for lower torque, lighter duty applications.

For an explanation of what the model number means, click the image at the right.

To compare specifications side by side, see the Model Selection Guide below. If the model you're trying to replace is obsolete, the table will guide you to the current replacement, and indicate if you need to add accessories for equivalent functionality.

Key Specifications

  • Torque Rating: 25 to 300 Lb/In
  • Timing: 15 to 240 Seconds
  • Fixed Stroke, 90° and 160° Dual on Some Models
  • Choice of Two-Position, 4-20 mA, or Position Proportional Input
  • Ambient Temperature Rating from -20° to 150°F
  • Two End-of-Travel Limit Switches Standard
  • UL, CSA Approved

Model Selection Guide

Use this chart to help find the Honeywell Modutrol motor that best fits your application. If you know the model number you need, use your browser's search function ([CTRL]+F) to find it quickly. One click on the part number will take you to the right motor in our online store.

Proportional Reversing Motors - 120 VAC Power
Timing (sec)Stroke (deg)Torque (lb-in)Auxiliary SwitchesType of Controller or Input Signal RecommendedModelReplaces Obsolete Model
159075Field-addable 4-20 mA, DC200C, DC300C, DC300K* M7284A1038 
3090350135 ohm M9164A1005 M9161A1008, M9161A1024, M8161A1032, M9164A1021, M9164A1054
3090352135 ohm M9164C1068 M9161C1012 (Add 220738A), M9164B1003, M9164C1035 (Add 200738A), M9164C1043, M9164C1050
3090/16035010-13.5 VDC M7164G1030 
3090751135 ohm M9174B1027M9171A1006, M9171B1004, M9171B1012, M9174B1001, M9174B1019
3090752135 ohm M9174C1025M9171C1002 (Add 220738A)
309015004-20 mA, DC200C, DC300C, DC300K M7284A1004M7281A1007, M7284A1046
309015024-20 mA, DC200C, DC300C, DC300K M7284C1000M7284C1018, M7284C1026
309015024-20 mA adj. zero and span, DC200C, DC300C, DC300K M7284Q1009M7284Q1017
60160752135 ohm M9174C1033 
6016015004-20 mA, DC200C, DC300C, DC300K M7284A1012M7284A1020
609030024-20 mA adj. zero and span, DC200C, DC300C, DC300K M7294Q1007 


Proportional Reversing Motors - 24 VAC Power
Timing (sec)Stroke (deg)Torque (lb-in)Auxiliary SwitchesType of Controller or
Input Signal Recommended
ModelReplaces Obsolete Model
15/30 90/160 750135 ohm M9184D1005 
15/30 90/160 751135 ohm M9484E1009M9484D1002, M9484D1036, M9484E1116
3090 1500   M7284A1079 M7284G1001
309015024-20 mA, DC200C,
DC300C, DC300K
30901502135 ohm M9184C1031 
6016015024-20 mA, DC200C,
DC300C, DC300K
30/60 90/160 35Field-addable 135 ohm M9164D1009M9164A1120, M9164A1047 (Add 50017460-001),
M9164A1062, M9164A1096 (Add 50017469-003)
30/60 90/160 601135 ohm M9185E1019 
30/60 90/160 75Field-addable 135 ohm M9174D1007 
30/60 90/160 1500135 ohm M9484D1010M9484D1028, M9484D1044, M9484D1051
30/60 90/160 1501135 ohm M9484E1017M9484E1090, M9484E4003
30/60 90/160 1501135 ohm M9484E1033M9484E1025, M9484E1041, M9484E1058,
M9484E1066, M9484E1074, M9484E1082
30/60 90/160 1502135 ohm M9184F1034M9184F1000, M9184F1018
30/60 90/160 1502135 ohm M9484F1007 
30/60 90/160 1502135 ohm M9484F1031 
30/60 90/160 1502135 ohm M9484F1049 
30/60 90/160 150Field-addable 135 ohm M9184D1021 M9184A1012, M9184A1035,
M9184B1017 (Add 220736A), M9184D1013,
M9184B1009 (Add 220736A),
M9184B1025 (Add 220736A and 5001460-003), M9184D1047, M9184D4009
601601500135 ohm M9184A1019M9181A1012, M9184A1001
60/120 90/160 3000135 ohm M9494D1000 
12016030002-10VDC M7294A1010 
120/240 90/160300Field-addable 135 ohm M9194D1003 
120/240 90/160 3001135 ohm M9194E1000 


Proportional Reversing Motors with Spring Return
Power Supply VoltageTiming (sec)Stroke (deg) Torque (lb-in) Auxiliary Switches Type of Controller or Input Signal RecommendedModel Replaces Obsolete Model
120 VAC30906004-20 mA, DC200C, DC300C, DC300K M7285A1003M7282A1006, M7285A1011
120 VAC30906024-20 mA, DC200C, DC300C, DC300K M7285C1009M7285C1017
120 VAC30906024-20 mA adj. zero and span, DC200C, DC300C, DC300K M7285Q1008M7285Q1016
24 VAC60160600135 ohm M9185A1018M9185A1000, M9185A1026, M9186G1006
24 VAC60160602135 ohm M9185C1006 
24 VAC30/60 90/160 60Field-addable 135 ohm M9185D1004M7285A1052 (Add Q7230A1005), M9175D1014, M9175D1006,
M9175D1014, M7282A1006


Motors with Switched SPDT or Floating Output
Power Supply VoltageTiming (sec)Stroke (deg)Torque (lb-in)Auxiliary SwitchesType of Controller or
Input Signal Recommended
ModelReplaces Obsolete Model
120 VAC301607503-wire, line voltage, SPDT M6184A1023 
120 VAC30901500SPDT, position proportional controller DC300E M6284A1055-SM6284A1014, M6284A1002, M628A1048,
M62841063, M6284A1071
24 VAC15/30 90/160 7503-wire, low voltage, SPDT M6184D1001 
24 VAC309015003-wire, low voltage, SPDT M6184A1015M6181A1026
24 VAC30/60 90/160 15023-wire, line voltage, SPDT M6184F1014 
24 VAC30/60 90/160 150Field-addable 3-wire, low voltage, SPDT M6184D1035 M6181F1009 (Add 220736B),
M6184B1021 (Add 220736A),
M6161A1004 (Add 50017460-003), M6181D1004, M6181F1017,
M6181A1018, M6184A1007
24 VAC30/60 90/160 150Field-addable SPDT, position proportional controller DC300E M6284D1000-SM6281A1009, M62841006, M6284D4004,
M6284C1010 (Add 220736B)
24 VAC30/60 90/160 1502SPDT, position proportional controller DC300E M6284F1013-SM6284F1005, M6284F1039,
M6281F1016 (Add 50017460-003
or 220736B)
24 VAC120/240 90/160 15003-wire, low voltage, SPDT M6184D1068 
24 VAC120/240 90/160 300Field-addable 3-wire, low voltage, SPDT M6194D1017 
24 VAC120/240 90/160 30013-wire, low voltage, SPDT M6194E1006 
24 VAC120/240 90/160 300Field-addable SPDT, position proportional controller DC300E M6294D1008-S 


Motors with Switched SPDT or Floating Output and Spring Return
Power Supply VoltageTiming (sec)Stroke (deg)Torque (lb-in)Auxiliary SwitchesType of Controller or Input Signal RecommendedModelReplaces Obsolete Model
24 VAC6016060Field-addable SPDT, position proportional controller DC300E M6285A1005-SM6282A1016 (Add 50017460-003), M6284A1047, M6285A1013, M6285A4009


Two-Position Spring Return Motors
Power Supply VoltageTiming (sec)Stroke (deg)Torque (lb-in)Auxiliary SwitchesType of Controller or Input Signal RecommendedModelReplaces Obsolete Model
120 VAC30752012-wire, line voltage, SPST M436A1116M436A1041, M436A1082, M436A1090, M436A1165, M436A1181
120 VAC601606002-wire, line voltage, SPST M4185A1001 
120 VAC601606012-wire, line voltage, SPST M4185B1009M4182B1002
120/208/240 VAC30906012-wire, low voltage, SPST M4185B1058M4185B1017
24 VAC204530 (oz-in) 02-wire, low voltage, SPST M847A1072 
24 VAC30752012-wire, low voltage, SPST M836A1042M836A1018, M836A1034, M836A1067, M836A1075
24 VAC30/60 90/160 60Field-addable 2-wire, low voltage, SPST M8185D1006M8185B1000 (Add 220736A), M8185B1034 (Add 220736A)
240 VAC30752012-wire, line voltage, SPST M436A1124M436A1108


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