Chemical Seal Assemblies Available from Lesman Stock

Chemical seals and fills are often necessary to protect your process instrumentation from harm. But the wait for a custom gauge-and-seal, switch-and-seal, or transmitter-and-seal combination could be an issue, keeping your process offline for longer than necessary, or costing a premium for quick delivery.

We've removed the potental for downtime and rush charges with our WIKA-certified assembly station, and improved stock of most popular transmitters, switches, gauges, diaphragm seals, and fill fluids. Lesman customers can experience next-day delivery on custom assemblies from in-stock instrumentation.

In the video below, our assembly specialist takes you on a guided tour of our chemical seal filling station, and how using a vacuum chamber helps us improve accuracy and delivery times.

Read more about our vacuum chamber technology and the chemical seals and fill fluids we can provide.

When should you consider using a chemical seal assembly with your gauge, switch, or transmitter?

Read our point-by-point guide to help you decide whether a chemical seal assembly would help protect your instrumentation and your process.

Learn more about chemical seals and assemblies

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