Understanding Honeywell's Firmware Credit System

Honeywell recorder screen for firmware creditsAll Honeywell X-Series paperless recorders support a credit system. It’s a flexible way of changing recorder features without having to upgrade firmware or install option cards. All the features and options are pre-loaded into the X-Series recorders. You can turn them on or off by using credits. 

Credits can be applied to firmware functions until the total number of credits purchased has been allocated. Additional credits can be purchased later and added to your recorder if you need to activate new features and have no credits left.

To get best-in-class basic functionality, Lesman suggests that you purchase a minimum of ten credits, for maintenance and diagnostics and remote viewing. Other popular firmware options include E-mail, Totalizers, Extra Pens, Events, and Full Math.

To turn credit options on or off, go to: Main Menu > Configure > Setup > Edit > General > Factory > Credits.

* Minimum recommended credits to purchase for optimal basic recorder operations and troubleshooting.

    • Category
    • Credits
    • Description
    • Health Watch, Maintenance and Diagnostics
    • 2*
    • Recorder keeps track of important “life actions” for improved diagnostics and preventive maintenance notification. Includes power cycles, last powered up, total On time, total Off time, longest Off time, battery life left, backlight life left at 100% brightness, compact flash insertions, Hi/Lo CJC values (High/low temperatures),analog in last factory/ user calibration, relay operations.
    • Remote Viewer
    • 3*
    • Extends the user interface of the recorder onto the desktop PC. Provides full remote control of the recorder via a web browser.
    • E-mail
    • 3
    • E-mail accounts can be set up to send the following: When an alarm is triggered, as part of an event occurring, like Alarms In/Out/Ack, Totalizer start/stop/reset, Digital inputs on/off/state change, TC burnout on a specific analog input channel or scheduled events once/interval/specific days/ month end.
    • Totalizers, Sterilization Calculation
    • 4
    • Each pen can be associated with a totalizer. Totalized values can be displayed and recorded using extra pens. Multiple totals can be calculated out of the same variable (weekly, monthly, etc.) The totalizer function is capable of performing handle Fo and Po sterilization calculations. (Note 1)
    • Extra Pens
      (x4 Pens)
    • 2
    • Enables four extra pens to store and display totalized values, results of calculations. eZTrend GR: 12 extra pens max, Minitrend GR and DR Graphic: 16 extra pens max, Multitrend GR: 48 extra pens max.
    • Events
    • 6
    • Events are certain conditions or operations that can be set up and logged according to the time and date of occurrence. Events can be reviewed or displayed on a graph. See full specification document for all Events included.
    • Full Maths
    • 4
    • Handles math expressions up to 100 characters in length. (Note 1) Basic math functions (+, –, x, and /) are standard on all recorders.
    • Reports
    • 3
    • Generate reports manually or using the event system to show daily/weekly/monthly totals, min/max, average, current value, messages for alarm, system, diagnostic, security and user, counters, digital inputs, digital outputs. Reports can be printed, e-mailed as an attachment, or exported to external media in RTF format.
    • Print Support
    • 2
    • Enables printer option to print text from various screens using a standard PCL printer connected either by USB port or network connection.
    • Counters
    • 3
    • User counters can be set up and used as part of the Events system to count an occurrence. Other counters are available depending on hardware availability (alarm, even, digital input, relay output, and pulse counters.
    • Batch, Groups
    • 5
    • Batch function allows users to segment portions of data for further analysis. Group function manages segments of data. Concurrent batches are now associated with a group of pens. The Pens within each group will belong to the batch that is controlled by that group. Batches can be controlled through the event system. Batch markers are set up by the user to identify and analyze batches of data. Supports up to six concurrent batches.
    • Modbus Master
    • 10
    • Modbus master enables the recorder to communicate with up to 32 slave devices on both Ethernet and RS485. The recorder itself can also act as a slave device while serving as a master. Modbus master can be used in conjunction with OPC to enable the recorder to act as a communication bridge. (Requires Full Maths function to operate.)
    • OPC
    • 8
    • OPC Server software application for real-time interfacing between servers and clients.OPC is a software standard that defines common interfaces for data exchange between devices like recorders, controllers, PLCs, and Windows™-based applications.
    • Password Net Sync
    • 5
    • Password can be synchronized over the network. A recorder can be designated as the master of a password group, and other recorders can be added to that group as slaves. The master will ensure all passwords are synchronized with all recorders in its group.
    • Full Maths with Scripting
    • 6
    • Powerful multiline scripting ability to solve complex state based applications (If X happens, then do Y, otherwise, do Z.) (Notes 1 and 4)
    • Custom Screens
    • 2
    • Import custom built screens with bitmap graphics that have been created in Screen Designer (Note 2)
    • Fast Scanning Mode
    • 5
    • For fast processes, the scan rate and recording of data can be set for up to 50 times per second (20ms) for up to eight inputs or 16 inputs, depending on model. (Note 4)
    • AMS2750 Process
    • 5
    • AMS2750 process activates the Process Mode screen and process configuration menus for furnaces and sensors in accordance with AMS2750D specification. Thermocouple tracking is included.
    • AMS2750 TUS
    • 10
    • AMS2750 TUS activates the TUS screen and configuration menus for furnaces and sensors in accordance with AMS2750D specification, including thermocouple tracking. All survey information can be exported to a report generating tool. (Note 4).


  1. Additional pens (Extra Pens) can be used to display results of calculations, totalizers, variables imported via communications, or to store values.
  2. Custom screens must be built using X-Series version Screen Designer (.lay file types). V5 Screen Designer (.lyt) files cannot be imported.
  3. Event markers are required to automatically reset totalizers. Not necessary if totalizers are reset manually.
  4. Not available on eZTrend QXe.
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