TSI Quest QUESTEMP QT4X Waterless Wet Bulb Heat Stress Monitors

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TSI Quest QUESTemp QT44, QT46, and QT48N heat stress monitors use waterless wet bulb technology to provide users with real-time data on stay times and work/rest regimens.

QUESTemp 44 and 46 heat stress monitors simply heat stress management efforts by providing users with real-time guidance on stay times and work/rest regimens with a newly engineered waterless wet bulb sensor. The QUESTemp 48N is specifically engineered for Department of Defense Ashore and Afloat operations, and is built for working environments where daily instrument upkeep is difficult. A high-quality humidity sensor and a proprietary algorithm perform the calculation of WBGT values, eliminating the hassles of daily wet bulb maintenance.

  • Waterless wet bulb system
  • Ideal for athletic training facilities, military training, warehousing, occupational heat stress management, and risk analysis investigations
  • Measure and calculate dry bulb, wet bulb, and globe temperature, WBGT indoor/outdoor, relative humidity and heat index/humidex
  • Real-time clock provides accurate reporting with time stamping
  • Stay time measurement per ACGIH TLV Handbook, US Navy PHEL charts, US Marine Flag system, and EPRI action limits (QT46 only)
  • Compatible with 3M software for data storage, retrieval, analysis, reporting and charting
Measurement Parameters QT°44 QT°46 QT°48
Dry bulb, wet bulb and globe temperatures
Air Velocity   optional  
WBGT (indoor index)  
WBGT (outdoor index)
Heat index / HUMIDEX  
Temperature reading: Celsius or Fahrenheit
Data logging intervals: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes
Event logging mode    
Time & date stamping with clock and calendar
Displayed stay times: ACGIH TLV, U.S. Navy PHEL charts, U.S. Navy/Marine Corp. Ashore Flag Conditions, EPRI action limits (QT°48N excludes EPRI)
Head-Torso-Ankle Weighted Average WBGT (optional with tri-sensors) optional optional  
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