TSI Quest Detection Management Software (DMS)

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The latest TSI Quest detection instruments are compatible with Quest's detection management software for data storage, analysis, and reporting (as are older 3M equivalent models). Compatable with TSI Quest Edg, Sound Examiner, SoundPro, and Quest Temp (34, 36, 44, 46, and 48N), EVM (3, 4, 7).

TSI Quest Detection Management Software is compatible with the latest models of TSI Quest datalogging noise dosimeters, sound level meters, heat stress monitors, and environmental air quality monitors.

This easy-to-use Windows software helps you navigate your data, create drag-and-drop reports, find the specific test data you need, and sort into sessions and studies. Powerful charting tools let you produce logged data charts, statistical charts, data panels, exceedance charts, and summaries.

  • Download and store instrument data
  • Generate reports and charts
  • Expore and share recorded data
  • Perform "What If" analysis, and recalculate data based on selected time intervals
  • Configure detection instruments and install firmware updates


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