TSI IAQ-Calc 7525 Indoor Air Quality Meters

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The IAQ-Calc 7525 is a datalogging multiparameter meter for carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, and humidity. It calculates dew point, wet bulb temperature, and percent of outside air.

TSI's IAQ-Calc meters are exceptional instruments for investigating and monitoring indoor air quality. These IAQ instruments simultaneously measure and data log multiple parameters to monitor indoor air quality conditions.

IAQ-Calc 7525 measures CO2, temperature, humidity, percent outside air, dewpoint, and wet bulb temperature and includes datalogging.

  • Low-drift NDIR CO2 sensor ensures stable, accurate readings
  • Sampling function records multiple point measurements
  • Datalogging supports up to 30,300 data points
  • Statistics function displays average, maximum, and minimum values and the number of recorded samples
  • Requires LogDat software for download to PC
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