TSI Alnor AVM410 Velometer Thermal Anemometers with a Straight Probe


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TSI's Alnor AVM410 Velometer thermal anemometer measures velocity (0-4000 ft/min) and temperature (0 to 200° F) with a straight, telescopic probe.

TSI Alnor Velometer thermal anemometers are ideal for accurate and precise air velocity measurements. They're great for troubleshooting HVAC systems and commissioning work.

The AVM410 is a basic digital anemometer, using a straight probe to measure air velocity and temperature.

Kit Includes: AVM410 meter, hard carrying case, four alkaline batteries, user manual, and NIST calibration certificate.

  • 0-4000 ft/min air velocity
  • 0° to 200°F temperature
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