Thermal Instrument Co Model 600-9 Inline Thermal Dispersion Mass Flowmeters

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The 600-9 in-line thermal mass flow meter has RTD sensors that are mounted to the outer circumference of a pipe or tube in order to keep the sensors from coming into contact with the fluid passing through the instrument. The design allows for a fully unobstructed flow path and negligible pressure drop to your process application.

The Model 600-9 thermal mass flowmeter provides reliable, accurate flow measurement with no obstructions to the actual flow path. It handles liquids, slurries, gases, and homogeneous solids through a wide range of flow rate, temperature, pressure, viscosity, abrasiveness, or chemical compositions.

The 600-9’s sensor is built into the meter’s outer surface and is completely protected from adverse process conditions. The spool matches the actual flow pipe in dimensions and construction material, and is impervious to fluid, as is the rest of the line.

System electronics include the flow analyzer, temperature compensator, and signal conditioner to provide a linear output directly proportional to mass flow. An optional output provides continuous temperature measurement.

For standard applications

  • 1/4" to 4" line sizes standard; Larger sizes available on request
  • 316 stainless steel standard; Corrosion resistant materials optional
  • Built-in redundant sensors
  • Explosion-proof housing: Class 2, Div. 1, Groups B-D, Weatherproof
  • 10:1 turndown or better
  • 4-20 mA flow output standard; Pulse, HART®, and RS-485 Modbus communications optional

For sanitary applications

  • Available for 1/8" to 4" OD tubes
  • Response time: Gas: 1 to 2 sec. typical; Liquid: Less than 500 ms
  • Transmitter head remote mounting up to 4000 ft, wall or frame mount
  • 316L electro-polished stainless steel with 10-15 RA internal finish
  • CIP/SIP design
  • 100:1 turndown
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Flow Technology Thermal Dispersion
Measuring Range Gas 40—50,000 SFPM; Liquid .02—20 FPS
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