Testo 350 Advanced Portable Multigas Emissions Analyzer

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Testo 350 multigas portable emissions analyzer measures O2, calculated CO2, CO, NO, temperature, NO2, SO2, flow, differential pressure, and draft.

Process, boiler and burner, engine, and turbine kits available.

Testo 350 portable emissions analyzer features simple operation, quick setup for easy measuring, and easy maintenance. The analyzer box houses up to six gas sensors, pumps, and sample conditioning.

The control unit operates the entire system and downloads data, or it can be used as a stand-alone, handheld instrument. The analyzer box adds a sample gas pump, Peltier gas preparation unit, CO switch and rinse function to protect the CO sensor, Rechargeable NiMH battery, built-in power supply, 1MB data memory, and a ton of other options. A new housing design protects the sensors and electronics from heat exposure.

  • Measures O2, calculated CO2, CO, NO, temperature, NO2, SO2, flow, differential pressure, and draft
  • Thermally-separated sensor chamber
  • Automatic flow-controlled sampling pump to maintain a constant sample flow
  • Automatic protection for high overrange gas levels
  • Temperature-controlled sensors for for extended testing range
  • Limited downtime when you upgrade or swap pre-calibrated plug-and-play smart sensors
  • Calculates efficiency, excess air, reduced NOx, and CO2
  • Compatible with Testo EasyEmissions software
  • Learn about the new Testo TECsoft testing and emissions compliance software

Replacement Gas Sensors for Testo 350 Analyzer

Gas Sensor Click for Price and Availability
Oxygen (0 - 25% O2) 0393 0000
Hydrogen-Compensated Carbon Monoxide (0-10000 PPM CO-H2)0393 0104
Nitric Oxide (0-4000 PPM NO) 0393 0150
Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor (0-500 ppm NO2) 0393 0200
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