Evaluating Your Instrumentation Supplier

It's often tough to decide which vendors support you best. Below is a standard set of features and functions you can use to compare competitive offerings. Just print this form and fill it out. (Right-click on the page and select Print.)

For each feature, rank its importance (1-5 scale, 5 is most critical), how well each vendor provides the service (1-5, scale, 5 is best), and assign a dollar value to the cost of non-conformance. Calculate the weighted score by multiplying the criteria score by the vendor scores to find the supplier who best fits your requirements.

Criteria Score Feature and Description Vendor 1 Vendor 2 Vendor 3 Cost of Non-
 Brand Name Product: Vendor carries recognized brands with complete product lines.   $
 Reduced Cost of Possession: Vendor works with you to reduce inventories, select most cost-effective products.   $
 Product Availability: Vendor has adequate stock and warehousing capabilities.   $
 On-Time Delivery: Vendor has system in place to assure on-time delivery, and demonstrates capability to meet delivery requirements.   $
 Error-Free Service Guarantee: Vendor guarantees service and compensates customer for errors.   $
 Stability: Vendor has demonstrated management and financial stability.   $
 Customer Service/Support: Vendor has adequate staff to handle orders and requests. Order status and product information are readily available.   $
 Trained Personnel: All personnel are factory-trained on products. Sales staff is knowledgeable and capable of providing technical support.   $
 Location: Vendor is close enough to user facility to provide accessibility of account management personnel and emergency service.   $
 Innovation: Vendor uses innovative technology to provide service and support.   $
 Order Entry: Vendor's order entry capabilities meet your needs (e.g., credit cards, blanket orders).   $
 Quality: Products are 100% free from defects. Vendor has quality program in place.   $
 Price   $
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