Steriflow JSRULP Sanitary Low Pressure Blanketing Regulator

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The Steriflow Valve JSRULP is a pressure regulating valve designed for low flow, and very low pressure precision regulation of clean compressed air and gas in pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical R & D, pilot and production facilities.

The Steriflow JSRULP low pressure regulating valve is designed specifically for use on traditional stainless steel and single-use disposable applications including: small sterile vessels, gas overlay (blanketing), SUD bag integrity testing/inflation/incubators, Time/pres filling machine product hold vessels.

The JSRULP comes in barstock construction, EPDM seat for ANSI Class VI shutoff, Jorlon long-life diaphragm, and no exposed threaded connections below the diaphragm. The inline removable seat and trim make routine maintenance and cleaning easy.

  • Sizes: 1/2" and 3/4" (DN15 and DN20)
  • Stainless steel body, BPE 2012 SF5 finish, electropolished, Tri-Clamp or tube end
  • Soft Seat Materials for ANSI Class VI Shut-off: EPDM to 300°F (150°C) FDA, USP Class VI
  • Thin Jorlon diaphragm, FDA, USP Class VI
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 150 PSIG, Maximum outlet pressure: 25 PSIG
  • Spring ranges 3"-18" WC (0.11 to 0.65 PSI) standard
  • For low flow, trim Cv 0.5, relief valve sizing Cv 0.6. For high flow, trim Cv 0.8, relief valve sizing Cv 1.9.
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