Siemens SIWAREX WL270 K-S CA Compression Load Cells

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This can compression cell is particularly suitable for use in hopper scales and bin weighing equipment.

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SIWAREX WL270 K-S CA can compression load cells are suitable for use in hopper scales and bin weighing equipment.

Applications such as cranes require high security standards. SIWAREX WL270 K-S CA offers an option for a redundant design with a double bridge in the load cells. Both measuring bridges deliver continuous measurement values, which make it possible to check for any discrepancies during the weighing process. If one bridge is damaged, the second bridge continues to work. This option is available for loads of 13t or greater. The painted steel enclosure protects the strain gauge from environmental influences.

The load cell is also available with Ex protection for Zones 2 and 22 as an option. The deflection of the load cell depends on the rated load and lies between 0.23 and 3.11 mm (0.01 and 0.11 inch).

  • Rated load: 2.8t, 6t, 13t, 28t, 60t, 130t, 280t, 350t, 500t
  • Accuracy class: 0.1%
  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • Body material: painted steel
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