Siemens SITRANS Store IQ Smart Remote Monitoring Application

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SITRANS Store IQ application lets you monitor the activity and health of your process equipment whether its local or remote. You can measure using Siemens field devices, upload multiple measurements to the cloud, and read that data on your PC, tablet or phone in real time. 

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Use SITRANS Store IQ to easily implement cloud-based real-time monitoring of your field devices for effective inventory management. This flexible system can monitor any process value coming from a Siemens field instrument: pressure, temperature, level, or flow. You can set custom alarms for proactive notifications and deliver them to your PC, tablet, or cell phone. The user-friendly navigation provides easy access to all your connected assets for real-time visualization of plant structure, assets, and material levels.

Store IQ helps you manage your entire inventory network from a central location, reduce the overhead required to monitor and plan stock levels, avoid unnecessary downtime and costs associated with unexpected shortages, and increase transparency of measurement reliability. Typical applications include water or wastewater treatment and distribution, tank level, remote pumping stations, truck loading/unloading, pipeline safety and security, remote lift stations.

It works in conjunction with Siemens Mindsphere which lets instrumentation and process data to be uploaded to the cloud. Store IQ packages can be designed around your specific asset requirements and application needs. Monthly subscriptions vary by project scope, data storage, and speed, and start at just $35/month.

Benefits of monitoring process equipment with Store IQ:

  • Reduces site visits by up to 90% with remote monitoring: Avoid traveling to remote areas at all times, especially useful under extreme weather conditions
  • Reduces up to 50% of costs caused by maintenance delays by ensuring equipment is functioning properly and avoiding costly repairs
  • Reduces downtime up to 50% with early fault detection: Real-time monitoring catches small issues before they become big problems
  • Saves up to 70% of the cost of future expansions: Once you have the Store IQ/Mindsphere system, expansion is as easy as adding more field devices to the cloud
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