Siemens SITRANS MASS 2100/FC300 Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

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The flowmeter system combines MASS 2100 or FC300 flow sensor with FCT030 transmitter. It offers high performance and ±0.1 % accuracy in gas or liquid flow measurement applications, where measuring small quantities is important. Typical applications include dosing in the chemical industry (dosing of chemicals), food and beverage industry (concentrates, ketchup, pastes) and pharmaceutical industry (preparations, dialysis liquids).

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MASS 2100 Coriolis mass flow sensor is designed for low flow measurement in liquids and gases. One unit measures mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature and fraction.

  • Available sizes: 1/16" to 1/2"
  • Accuracy ±0.1% mass flow rate
  • Dynamic turndown ratio >500:1, from 65 kg/h to a few g/h
  • Densitometer performance available (Accuracy 0.0005 to 0.0015 g/cm3, repeatability 0.0001 to 0.0002 g/cm3)
  • Single continuous tube design, with no internal welds, reductions or flow splitters offers optimal hygiene, safety
  • Market’s biggest wall thickness ensures optimal corrosion resistance and high-pressure durability
  • Hygiene, safety and CIP cleanability for food & beverage and pharmaceutical applications
  • IP65/NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Intrinsically safe Ex ia standard

SITRANS FC300 sensor offers superior performance in flow and density accuracy, and turndown ratio. The compact enclosure fits in tight installation spaces for measuring liquids and gases. It can be installed in horizontal or vertical position.

  • Available size: 1/6"
  • Accuracy ±0.1% mass flow rate
  • Dynamic turndown ratio >500:1
  • One tube with no internal welds, reductions, or flow splitters
  • Balanced pipe design ensures optimal stability under harsh and unstable process conditions
  • Four-wire Pt1000 temperature measurement for accurate mass flow, density and fractional flow
  • Hygiene, safety and CIP cleanability for food & beverage and pharmaceutical applications
  • IP67/NEMA4 enclosure
  • Intrinsically safe Ex ia IIC standard

SITRANS FCT030 transmitter delivers true multi-parameter measurements with enhanced efficiency, security, and simplicity. The transmitter’s modular design allows for remote installations. The transmitter also comes with a with a user-configurable graphical display and SensorFlash, a micro SD card for configuration backup, firmware update and data storage.

  • Full graphical display 240x160 pixels
  • Redundancy digital output 90º/180º for billing or dosing control
  • Direct control of one or two on/off valves, or one analog valve for dosing applications
  • Advanced diagnosis and service menu enhances troubleshooting and validation
  • Communication: Profibus DP/PA, Modbus RS485, HART
  • I/O: Up to 4 channels combining analog, relay or digital outputs and binary input
  • Approvals: Hazardous ATEX, IECEx, cCSAus and hygienic EHEDG
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