Siemens SITRANS LH100 Submersible Pressure Transmitter for Hydrostatic Level

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Loop-powered submersible pressure transmitter for continuous hydrostatic level measurement in liquid tanks, containers, channels, and dams. Measuring range 0 to 60 Ft WC at distances to 330 feet. IP68 stainless steel enclosure, aluminum oxide ceramic diaphragm seal, FPM or EPDM gasket. 4-20 mA output. For process temperatures to 14° to 176°F (-10° or 80°C).

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Siemens' SITRANS LH100 pressure transmitter converts hydrostatic pressure into a standardized level-proportional 4 to 20 mA signal. The narrow, compact sensor can be mounted in pipes as small as 1" in diameter, so it fits a wide range of applications. The integral cable includes the signal wires and an atmospheric vent tube for the reference pressure.  The vent tube should be protected by a dessicant cartridge to limit build-up of moisture in the vent tube.  The 316L stainless steel housing and IP68 rating make the LH100 suitable for use in harsh environments. It replaces the retired Siemens SITRANS P MPS submersible level transmitter.

  • Key applications include water supply, drinking water, wastewater, and pressureless/open tanks and wells
  • Available standard ranges: 0 to 9 Ft H2O with standard 33-foot integral PE cable to 0 to 60 Ft H2O with 98-foot integral PE cable; Call for custom cable lengths
  • ±0.3% to ±0.5% full scale accuracy, depending on range
  • Slim design for mounting in pipes with as small as 1" inside diameter
  • Piezo-resistive aluminum oxide ceramic sensor and stainless steel housing make the LH100 immune to harsh environmental conditions
  • Complete LH100 system includes sensor and cable, a junction box, cable hanger, and anchor clamp accessories to simplify installation
  • Available with drinking water, UL, ATEX, and IECEx approvals

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10 humidity filters for SITRANS LH1007MF1572-8AE

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Description Catalog
Siemens SITRANS LH100 submersible transmitter for hydrostatic level measurement: 4-20 mA output, 316L SS enclosure, Al2O3 ceramic measuring cell 7MF1572-
Measuring Range and
Standard Cable Length
0-9 Ft H2O, 33 Ft Integral PE Cable
0-12 Ft H2O, 33 Ft Integral PE Cable
0-15 Ft H2O, 33 Ft Integral PE Cable
0-18 Ft H2O, 33 Ft Integral PE Cable
0-30 Ft H2O, 66 Ft Integral PE Cable
0-60 Ft H2O, 98 Ft Integral PE Cable
2CA _ _
2DA _ _
2EA _ _
2FA _ _
2HA _ _
2KA _ _
Sealing Material FPM (Standard)
EPDM (for Drinking Water Applications)
_ _ _ 1 _
_ _ _ 2 _
Approvals None
ATEX, IECEx Explosion Proof
_ _ _ _ 0
_ _ _ _ 1
Accessories Plastic Junction Box, IP54
Carbon Steel Cable Hanger
Desiccant Drying Cartridge
More Information
Point or Continuous Level Continuous
Level Media Liquid
Level Technology Hydrostatic Pressure
Measuring Range 0 to 60 Ft H2O at Distances to 330 Feet
Wetted Materials 316L Stainless Steel, Aluminum Oxide Ceramic, FPM or EPDM, PE, PPE

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