Siemens SITRANS LG Series Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters

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Guided wave radar level transmitters for continuous level, level/interface, and volume measurements of liquids and solids. Insertion length 11.81" to 246 feet (0.3 to 75 meters). NEMA 4/IP66 aluminum electronics enclosure. 4-20 mA/HART output standard. Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus optional. For process temperatures to 842° F (450°C). For media with dielectric constants 1.4 or greater.

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Siemens' SITRANS LG series are guided wave radar transmitters for versatile, reliable level and interface measurement, even with aggressive vapors, high temperatures and pressures, dust, steam, or material buildup. Modular units include removable backlit display, field-replaceable probes, and adjustable rod and cable lengths.

Quick, easy setup with local four-button programming and menu-driven parameters gets you operational in minutes. The LG series comes standard with Siemens advanced echo processing for accurate readings, even in small containers and changing process conditions.

  • Standard 4-20 mA output and HART communications on all models
  • SITRANS LG240 hygienic rod and cable models for food, pharmaceutical, or corrosive liquid applications
  • SITRANS LG250 rod, cable, and coaxial models for liquid level and interface in storage, processing, and raw materials plus difficult ammonia applications
  • SITRANS LG260 solids rod and cable model for measuring level in mid-range applications including grains, plastics, cement, or other powders or granules
  • SITRANS LG270 rod, cable, and coaxial model is your choice for use in extreme temperature or pressure applications, chemical HPI and energy industries, LPG gas tanks, steam boilers, and distillation columns

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Model No. SITRANS LG240  (7ML4880) SITRANS LG250  (7ML5881) SITRANS LG260 (7ML5882) SITRANS LG270 (7ML5883)
Industries Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Chemical, HPI, Power, General Industrial Cement, Power Generation, Food Processing, Mineral Processing, Mining Chemical, HPI, Power, General Industrial
Applications Hygienic and corrosive applications Liquids, storage and process vessels with agitators, vaporous liquids, interfaces Cement, fly ash, grain, coal, flour, plastics Aggressive applications in liquids, storage and process vessels with agitators, vaporous liquids, high temperatures and pressures, low dielectric media
Range 32 meters max. 75 meters max. 60 meters max. 60 meters max.
Process Temperatures -40° to 302° F (-40° to 150° C) -40° to 392° F (-40° to 200° C) -40° to 392° F (-40° to 200° C) -320.8° to 842° F (-196° to 450° C)
Accuracy ±0.08" (±2mm)
Communications and Outputs 4 to 20 mA/HART, PROFIBUS, Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus, Support for SIMATIC PDM, DTM (for PACTWare), Emerson AMS, HART handheld for configuration and diagnostics
More Information
Point or Continuous Level Continuous
Level Media Liquid, Slurry, Interface, Dry Solid
Level Technology Guided Wave Radar
Measuring Range 11.81" to 246 Feet (0.3 to 75 Meters)
Wetted Materials Borosilicate Glass, FFKM, EPDM, Stainless Steel, Nickel-Plated Brass
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