Siemens SITRANS FM MAG5000 Magnetic Flow Transmitter (Accuracy 0.4%)

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Field- or rack-mount transmitter for use with Siemens SITRANS FM flow sensors. 0.4% ±1 mm/s max measuring error. IP67/NEMA 4X/6 field enclosure or IP20/NEMA 1 19" rack-mount enclosure. 1 each: current, frequency, and relay outputs. CE, UL, FM, CSA approvals. Rated for operating temperatures -4° to 140° F (-20° to 60° C).

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Siemens SITRANS FM MAG5000 is a flow transmitter for all-around applications and is compatible with SITRANS FM MAG1100/1100F, MAG3100/3100P/3100W, and MAG5100 sensors. It features three outputs: a current output for flow rate, plus solid state and relay outputs for pulse, frequency, alarms, error, and limit settings.

The local digital interface includes a three-line display and a six pushbutton keypad. It can be used as a readout for flow rate and totalizer for daily operations or for commissioning and service. In setup mode, it provides access to basic flowmeter settings: measuring range, outputs, flow direction, user-defined volume and time units, velocity units, totalizer decimal, low flow and empty pipe cutoffs, and error levels, passwords, the display language, or which functions are accessible to operators. The display's primary reading can be either the flow rate or totalizer value. A HART communications option is available for programming via handheld communicator, or a PC with Siemens SIMATIC PDM and a USB HART modem.

The transmitter can be mounted directly on the sensor with its front in either direction, to optimize viewing angle of the display and keypad. Add a sun shield accessory if your field transmitter will be in an outdoor area, where direct sunlight could increase the operating temperature and decrease display visibility.

  • Compatible with SITRANS FM MAG1100/1100F, MAG3100/3100P, and MAG5100 sensors
  • Maximum measuring error 0.4% of flow rate ±1 mm/Sec
  • Backlit alphanumeric digital display and local programming keypad
  • Three outputs: 0/4-20 mA current, solid state frequency output, and relay
  • Low flow cutoff 0-9.9% maximum flow
  • HART communications optional for commissioning and service using handheld or SIMATIC PDM
  • Rated for operating temperatures -4 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C)
  • IP20/NEMA 1 aluminum rack-mount enclosure with CE, cULus general service approvals
  • IP66/NEMA 4X/NEMA 6 fiberglass-reinforced polyamide and stainless steel enclosure has FM, CSA Class I, Div 2 non-incendive approval for hazardous areas
  • Remote mounted Mag 5000/6000 transmitter/converter requires interconnecting shielded electrode cable and NEMA 4X Wall-Mount Polyamide Junction Box

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Siemens Advantage Plus

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Description Catalog Number
Mag 5000 Flow Transmitter; Max. Measuring Error: 0.4% Flow Rate ±1 mm/Sec7ME6910-
Design NEMA 4X/6/IP67 Polyamide and Stainless Steel On-Sensor or Remote Mount Transmitter
NEMA 1/IP20 Aluminum and Steel 19" Rack or Wall Mount Transmitter
1AA _ _-
2CA _ _-
Power Supply 115-230 VAC
11-30 VDC/11-24 VAC
_ _ _ 10-
_ _ _ 30-
Display None (Blind Transmitter, Programmed through SENSORPROM)
Integral Display with Local Configuration Panel
0 _ _ _
1 _ _ _
Communications None
_ AA0
_ BA0
Accessories NEMA 4X Wall-Mount Polyamide Junction Box for Remote Field Mount
Sun Shield for Mag5000/Mag6000 Field-Mount Transmitters
Potting Kit for IP68/NEMA 6P Sealing for Sensor Junction Box
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