Sensidyne Gilian GilAir Plus Air Flow Sampling Pump

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GilAir Plus personal air sampling pump is is suitable high-flow and low-flow applications with flow ranges from 1 to 5000 cc/min. At just 20.5 oz, this pump is light-weight and easy to wear. Now with Bluetooth for monitoring at a safe social distance and motion detection to help ensure sample integrity.

The Sensidyne Gilian GilAir Plus universal air sampling pump performs both high-flow and low-flow constant pressure and constant flow without the need for external adapters. The pump's wide dynamic range makes it capable of performing all personal air sampling methods with flow ranges anywhere from 1 to 5000 cc/minute. Every GilAir Plus model offers high back pressure capabilities and automatic fault recovery.

The GilAir plus is now available with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can monitor a sampling up at up to 5 meters away while maintaining a safe physical distance and not disturbing the worker. A new motion detection feature detects and measures three levels of activity (active, stationary, inactive) of each worker to ensure sample integrity.

Sensidyne Gilian CONNECT lets you start, stop, or pause samples remotely, perform real-time remote assessments of the cassette or filter, and provides sample audits of your pump results. The mobile app is available free: Download for Apple devices from the APP store or for Android devices from Google Play.

  • Constant flow 20-5000 cc/min and constant pressure 1-5000 cc/min without external adapters
  • Constant flow or high and low flow constant pressure flow modes
  • Pump automatically performs restart to recover from temporary fault conditions
  • High back-pressure capabilities: Up to 40" H2O in high-flow and up to 25" H2O in low-flow
  • GilAir Plus dock provides charging and communication to PC and calibrators
  • Five models available: Basic pump functionality, datalogging model, Bluetooth datalogging model, pressure/temperature corrected, and pressure/temperature corrected with Bluetooth

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626.

DescriptionClick for Price and Availability
Pump OnlyStarter Kit3-Pack Kit5-Pack Kit
Basic Pump 810-0901-01-R910-0901-US-R 910-0907-US-R 910-0904-US-R
Datalogging Pump810-0902-01-R 910-0902-US-R 910-0908-US-R 910-0905-US-R
Datalogging Pump with Bluetooth and Motion Detection810-0902-02-R910-0910-US-R 910-0914-US-R 910-0912-US-R
Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP) Corrected Pump810-0903-01-R 910-0903-US-R 910-0909-US-R 910-0906-US-R
Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP) Corrected Pump with Bluetooth and Motion Detection 810-0903-02-R910-0911-US-R 910-0915-US-R 910-0913-US-R

Pump kits include: air sampling pump(s), charging dock with power adapter, filter cassette holder(s), charcoal tube holder(s), tubing, 2mm hex key(s), carrying case (3-pack, 5-pack kits only), and a user manual stored on electronic media. Datalogging and STP models include a communication enabled charging dock and Gilian Pump Management software.

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