Sensidyne Gilian 10i Personal Air Sampling Pump for High Flow Applications

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Sensidyne's Gilian 10i intrinsically safe personal air sampling pump is designed specifically for high flow applications (5-10 LPM).

The latest in Sensidyne's Gilian line of personal sampling pumps is designed specifically for use in applications with high flow rates. Its four-stage program with repeat cycling and programmable delayed start lets you use the 10i for scheduled sampling or intermittent duty cycles.

Special flow control circuitry automatically compensates for changes in flow rate, back pressure, and temperature. The display shows real-time flow, total sample time, total volume sampled, and battery charge. This intrinsically safe pump is powered by NiMH batteries that charge to full capacity in just four hours.


  • Flow range from 4 to 10 LPM
  • Constant flow control ±5% of set flow at 4 to 10 LPM
  • Four-stage program with repeat cycle and programmable delayed start
  • Displays real-time flow, total sample time, and total volume sampled
  • Intuitive, simple four-key operation with no confusing symbols or codes
  • Safe, environmentally friendly NiMH batteries with four-hour recharge
  • Intrinsically safe with certifications in North America and Europe
  • Pump kit includes pump, tubing, charger, and user manual. Multi-unit kit also includes a carrying case.


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